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Plenty of new restaurants have opened up in DC since the beginning of the year. Some of these ambitious establishments serve the kind of fare that are a veritable sin to pass up, whether you are full-bred local, or a wanderlusting soul fresh out of one of the various tours of Washington DC that can be had these days. Following are some eateries you should definitely check out.


Placed on 828 Upshur St NW, this place is run by the locally famous Chef Kevin Tien, who has a knack for figuring out exactly what you want to eat when you sit down at a table. Himitsu serves Asian-influenced and predominantly Japanese food, made using fresh herbs and an appealing acidic taste, which can lighten up even the most heavily fried extras. The only problem we found is that they do not take reservations, although you can dine there as early as 05:30 pm.

Tail Up Goat

Located on 1827 Adams Mill Rd NW, Tail Up Goat is an establishment that simply keeps getting better with age. It was awesome when it first launched, back in 2016, but in the time since, it has simply become extra-terrific. The crowd favorites here are the pastas and lamb ribs, although we think the toasts deserve a special mention as well. TUG makes some of the best breads, and has no fewer than three options you can choose from. Even picking blindly among those can net you a tasty meal.


Located on 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, this establishment is run by Mike Isabella, and benefits from the culinary talents of well-known Chef Michael Rafidi. The best meals you can order here are the burnt eggplant and flatbread, lamb ribs and patatas bravas, and shareable bomba rice. The last look and feel similar to paella, but you may find the duck breast to be a rosy pink. Arroz takes reservations, and does not frequently fill up, which means this is a great place to get a last-minute reservation.

The Dabney

Are you a fan of open-hearth cooking? Precious few restaurants have this, or locavore cuisine for that matter. The Dabney supplies a taste of both, and while this was a thing, that made them seem simply strange when they first opened and started doing business, the more sensible foodies quickly realized it was something they wanted a part of. Imagine vegetables roasted over embers or open fire, or a whole grilled fish. Better yet, head over one of these days and try these out.


Placed on 1015 7th St NW, Kinship is a sister establishment to Metier, the eatery named by Washingtonian as DC’s #1 restaurant. The former is less expensive, and has a kitchen run by Chef Eric Ziebold. It offers such delectable classics as lobster French toast, which a tourist ought to try if they are ever in the area and looking for a good dining experience.


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Situated on 1331 4th St SE, Chloe has a menu that makes you think you were at the Epcot at first glance. The items are so diverse and disparate that you would normally think it unwise to order anything you could not whip up at home yourself. However, Haidar Karoum has managed to make them all work, and wonderfully to boot. Try the Bavarian white sausage if you want something filling as well as tasty.

Bad Saint

Placed on 3226 11th St NW, Bad Saint is another teaser with its superb food and cruel no-reservations policy. You have a higher chance of catching a line here than at Himitsu – which is practically the same size – and maybe even getting pushed into a stool for your efforts. If you stick through though, you get to enjoy some of the most wonderful Filipino cooking, including sisig, littleneck clams, pancit sotanghon, etc.


Located on 4445 Connecticut Ave NW, Sfoglina is owned by Fabio and Maria Trabocchi, among various other famous restaurants. This place is the most casual of the lot, and has relatively inexpensive eats. The focus is on house-made pasta, although one can get easily distracted by the side items, such as grilled calamari.


Placed on 423 8th St NW, Chiko is unique in many ways. It is mainly a fast-casual restaurant, which espouses a rock-and-roll ambience mixed with a leaning towards Chinese-Korean palettes. One great thing about this place is that everything on the menu is served in good-sized portions. If you show up here, you will want to try out the lamb stir-fry, the chopped brisket, or House Fried Rice. The last comes with smoked blue catfish, so bon appétit.

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