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Visiting the Pacific Northwest region of Washington will surely be in the bucket list of all adventurers. This spectacular place has many attractions like whitewater rafting, reaching the heights of the Beacon Rock, and many more. In addition, you could also explore the underground caves of Washington that goes deep underneath the Earth, promising you with a unique experience. Following are the list of best caves in the Washington state.

Guler Ice Caves

This cave looks stunning with ice formations covering its ceiling, walls, and floors, which could be seen from winter to the beginning of summer. The ice formations in these caves melt and come back in new patterns every year. Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans made use of the cave for storing berries, while the pioneers used it for harvesting ice.

The best time to visit the place is during the spring and at the beginning of summer when the ice crystals are fully formed. It is also a good idea to continually flash your torch around; this would illuminate one of the beautiful ice structures here.

Layser Cave

This small cave situated in the west of Washington is an important archeological site. The Native Americans used the cave as a shelter for many years. The Archeologists were able to track down the history of this cave as they found many stone tools and animal bones in this cave.

Ape Caves

The Ape Caves are located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. These caves are actually lava tubes, which were formed by the flowing lava before thousands of years. The cave consists of two tubes: the lower tube and the upper tube. Going along the upper tube is really hard but it gives you a wonderful view of the magnificent formations of rock. Moving along the lower tube is easy and beginner friendly. It takes a total of 4 hours to explore these caves completely.

Cheese Caves

The Cheese Caves got this name because the Guler Cheese Company used it to refrigerate cheese naturally. In these caves, you could see the wooden remains that were left by the company. These caves are situated near the banks of the Trout Lake, which flows along the regions of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

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