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There will be hardly anyone, who does not love enjoying recreational activities and outdoor games, especially when they are on holidays. Washington DC offers some of the best opportunities for such outdoor lovers. The cityscape entails a plethora of land mass, temperate winter climate, access to mountains and water, etc., making it an ideal place for year-round activities. However, you will have to be prepared to deal with the humid weather condition in Washington DC.

The fact that most of the recreational activities are conducted at the center of the city will make things easier and comfortable for the travelers. Yet again, it will be better to reserve the tickets for the activities you would like to participate beforehand in order to avoid tiring queues. Below are some of the top-rated outdoor activities that you can try during your tours of Washington DC.

Paddle Boating

Paddling is one of the most popular activities in Washington DC as the city hosts plenty of whitewater and flat-water paddling opportunities. Georgetown is one amongst the famous kayaking spots in DC. You can rent a kayak or a SUP (Standup Paddleboard) here and paddle peacefully along the Ohio canal and Chesapeake towards Maryland. For people who love whitewater paddling, there is a class V+ paddling and play boating at the Potomac Great Falls. The river at Mather George is yet another good option for paddle boating.

Bike Ride

The climate of Washington DC is perfect for bike riding all year round, which makes the city a favorite destination for most bike riders. There are some really good trails in the city that you can explore in DC, while enjoying the natural beauty and architectural aesthetics en route. The 40-mile road out and back to the Mount Vernon, C+O Towpath, the estate of George Washington, and the Blue Ridge Parkway are the top picks among devoted bike riders.

Trail Run

Trail running is one of the best outdoor activities in DC, which is perfect for all the health conscious people out there. In fact, the city boasts a big running community in which Bill Clinton, one of the former presidents of America, was also a member. Unsurprisingly, there are many good options for trail runners both inside and outside the city limits. Starters can try the Rock Creek Park, which can be linked with the Dumbarton Oaks Park and Glover-Archibald Park. Similarly, the Potomac Heritage Trail along the river in Virginia is also a good option for the trail runners to try during their tours of Washington DC.

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