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Performing arts have always occupied a central role in the history of Washington. To accommodate this demand of the people, Washington has numerous theaters and performance venues, where some of the very best of theatrical arts unfold before the eyes of the spectators. Visiting any one of these theaters and watching a show from a regional or international drama troupe is an excellent way to indulge in this serious art form and make your trip more entertaining.

Besides dramas, these theaters act as venues for other forms of performing arts such as ballet, symphonic orchestra concerts to live musical rendering by famous bands and singers. These cultural institutions have become the favorite of visitors and natives alike and should be on the travel itinerary of everyone. Listed below are five of the best theaters to catch a show in Washington.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a grand and majestic theater in Washington. Each year, this incredible venue hosts plays and other art forms by some of the major troupes from around the world. This theater is the best place to see some top performances in the field of theatrical drama, ballet, orchestra, and opera.

Shakespeare Theatre Company

If you are a devout follower of the Bard, then the Shakespeare Theatre Company is the place to visit during your tours of Washington DC. Its three theaters known as The Folger, Harman Center for the Arts and the Lansburgh Theatre conducts various plays and other performances. These venues are the ideal places to view some of the grand theatrical reproductions from the works of Shakespeare.

National Theatre

The National Theatre is definitely the place where you want to be if you have been mesmerized by Broadway musicals. This theater located near to the White House is historic owing to its 200-year-old existence. Moreover, it hosts some of the best shows of Broadway musicals and plays to an enthusiastic audience.

Warner Theatre

There is no other venue, which can compete with the grandiose architecture of the Warner Theatre. This remarkable theater dating back to 1924 is one place where you must visit not only to watch some spellbinding shows and musicals, but also to admire the grand architecture. The Warner Theatre hosts several international productions and Broadway musicals making it the ideal destination to satisfy your craving for live arts.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

If you are a serious and dedicated follower of theatrical arts then the Woolly Mammoth Theatre is perhaps the right place for you. You can watch some exceptional plays of contemporary theater that experimented with and redefined the art form. The plays performed here can seriously be worth it if you want to delve into the art form more deeply.

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