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The Heurich House Museum in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle is rife with history and hosts plenty of events for the enjoyment of visitors. The mansion was constructed during the late 19th Century by Christian Heurich, an immigrant brewer cum philanthropist from Germany. Only a handful of houses in Dupont Circle lasted through the years following its construction to till date.

The Heurich House Museum has carved mantelpieces, cast bronze firebacks and hand-painted ceilings in its interior. The adobes of Gilded Age mansion turn museum have craftsmanship involved. You can also see the heirloom collections of the Heurich family in the museum in Washington DC, which is often called “The Brewmaster’s Castle”. The Christian Heurich Brewing Company used to be the biggest brewer in the city capital in the onset of 20th Century. It was closed down in 1956.

The Heurich House Museum offers ‘Brewmaster Tours’ on select days offering visitors an exclusive opportunity to taste a specific local craft beer and visit the former mansion of Christian Heurich for an hour. Think of it as a small version of a beer festival, but one that comes with pre-booking of tickets for accessing the museum.

Another Heurich House Museum event titled as ‘First on First Features’ sees the local community in and around the Dupont Circle gathering on the first floor of the museum to enjoy live music. Local musicians perform live in that event held on the first Friday of each month at the Brewmaster’s Castle, which is free of cost to the public starting from 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm. So, if you want to party hard when on a Washington DC tour, it is worth exploring for a musical night out.

Apart from that, the Heurich House Museum play hosts to ‘History & Hops’ on the third Thursday of every month. It includes a museum tour, which highlights the history of the brewing company of Heurich family, discussions with a local brewery and tasting sessions. The private collections are also exhibited on the third Thursday of each month, which stay at the Research Library of the museum for the remainder of the month.

When you visit the Heurich House Museum through tours of Washington DC, make it a point to explore the ‘Castle Garden’ as well, which features the murals painted by Kellie Cox the ex-gardener of the museum.

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