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The best part of viewing cityscapes in a 360-degree angle is that you get a splendid experience and the opportunity to photograph the scenery to best effect, which makes for tempting bait to visit some singular edifices in Washington DC. With the Washington Monument being renovated currently, there are other areas in the district which can offer up a similar kind of panorama. There are 4 such places you need to check out when on one of your private tours Washington DC.

The Clock Tower of Old Post Office

This clock tower, situated on Pennsylvania Avenue, has an observation deck which can offer picturesque views of Capitol Building, and the National Mall landmarks. Besides, it also shows the Bells of Congress, which replicate tolls similar to those of Westminster Abbey in London. Note that Old Post Office is now Trump International Hotel, but the highlights are still there.

The Newseum

This museum’s terrace has an 80-foot long exhibition which details the avenue’s history. Still, it’s an art gallery dedicated to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The nomenclature has to do with the fact that it chronicles news from bygone eras, and the press’s freedom to opinionate on main events which has contributed to the evolution of the US in one way or the other. Not surprisingly, “Newseum,” is a word that joins ‘news’ and ‘museum’.

Washington National Cathedral

This cathedral’s architecture comprises a stained glass window featuring a moon rock, which was a gift to the church from astronauts who traveled on the Apollo 11 Mission. The gargoyle of Darth Vader is another highlight of its exterior, which takes some close observation to be noticed by the public. For an even better view, get up to the central tower of the national cathedral for a breathtaking view of the city and its outline.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

This venue is used to stage performing art, including everything dance and standard music, to Broadway musicals. Even if you do not have a ticket to a sell-out event held here, it is still worth a visit, especially for the outdoor terrace wrapping around the entire building. From the top of the wraparound terrace, you get views of Washington Monument, Watergate Hotel, and another National Mall memorial devoted to Thomas Jefferson.

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