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The American Art Museum in Washington DC is home to thousands of artworks across three centuries, which represent more than 7000 artists who lived and worked in the US. The museum in DC also plays a role in the preservation of indigenous artworks in particular. Each artwork in the museum epitomizes the skills of artists in expressing subtleties across various mediums. The collections in the American Art Museum include paintings, photos, prints, and sculptures.

A major portion of the artwork collection in the museum revolves around the ‘Gilded Age,’ the period between American Civil War and First World War. It also has a collection of artworks from Latino and Afro-American artists. The collections throw lights on the character, ambitions, and imagination of the natives.

The artwork collections are rotated through many of the exhibit floors in the American Art Museum. The main exhibit space of the museum resides in the building of the Old Patent Office, which is also home to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The collections that revolve around decorative arts and contemporary craft is in the ‘Renwick Gallery’ the branch of the American Art Museum.

The collections of the museum start with artworks from New England and New Spain, and chronicle the colonial history of early America or the transformation of 13 colonies into a country. The portraits by several painters include John Singleton Copley and Gilbert Stuart, sculptures by Horatio Greenough, and landscape paintings by Thomas Cole. ‘Mrs. George Watson’, a portrait by Copley, puts emphasis on luxury fabrics, porcelain vase, and so forth.

The ‘George Catlin and His Indian Gallery’ in the museum in DC comprise of paintings of the American Painter George Catlin that trace back to 1830’s period. The artworks of artists from the Gilded and Impressionist age in the museum comprise of Mary Cassatt’s and Childe Hassam’s works. Besides that, the museum is home to artworks that trace Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement and everything in between. The artworks reveal the influence the Hispanic culture has left on the people of America.

The museum in Washington DC also sets aside galleries to display sculptures, photos, prints and folk and self-taught artwork collections from untrained artists from the United States. If you are into fine arts, the American Arts Museum is worth a visit when on Private tours Washington DC.

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