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New York espouses the active lifestyle, and a lot of the things that you get to buy here are specifically designed to suit that. Case in point: food trucks. There was a time when these offered minimal fare in the form of hot dogs, burgers, and ice creams. Now, they sell immaculate seafood, freshly made falafel, and other sophisticated stuff, although the prices are still cheap. The following are some fantastic food trucks for you to try out when on private tours New York.

Hard Times Sundaes

A star when it comes to ground beef patties, this burger truck holds a cult status thanks to Andrew Zurica’s menu of wonderful burgers. They come in all type: single, double, and triple stacked, with free onions, tomato, lettuce, jalapenos, and pickeles, Throw in an extra $1.25 and you will get to enjoy some crisp bacon on the side.

King of Falafel

A Vendy Award–winning truck run by Fares “Freddy” Zeideia, King of Falafel sells some of the most delicious shawarma, falafels, and kebabs in Queens. They also have a restaurant that serves beef-and-lamb shawarma, aside from an expansive roster of novel items such as falafel burger with tomato and zaatar.

Mysttik Masaala

The name may be hard to search for on your phone, but Mysttik is worth a try if you are big on Indian delicacies like biryani with chicken or veggies. Throw in some naan and a bit of cilantro, yogurt granish, and hot sauce, and you will be left wondering why you had not tried this before. Other crowd favorites include gobi aloo, chickpea masala, chicken lazeeza, and of course, chicken tikka.

Anton’s Dumplings

This West Village truck is owned by Anton Yelyashkevich, and is famous for Russian pelmeni dumplings. Their take on the delicacy features strong, tender skins stuffed with a combination of beef and onions, ground pork, smooth mashed potatoes, or chicken. After boiling these are griddled, after which a lot of sour cream and dill and chives are added. Each order also gets you a free pickle.

Tacos El Rancho

Ever tried Oaxacan tacos? Try it with lengua and cecina filling at Tacos El Rancho. This family-run truck also sells quesadillas and tlacoyos. So, if you are looking for some Mexican delights when on private tours New York, head straight to the 5th Ave in Brooklyn and enjoy the authentic taco recipes.

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