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Museums in New York City

New York City has plenty of tourist attractions to offer to a museumgoer. When in the cosmopolitan city for a museum-hopping experience, make it a point to visit the below top 3 locations to satisfy the art lover in you. Millions of people visit these museums in NYC, all thanks to its extensive collections spanning several exhibit floors or even buildings. To help you out with your visit as part of a New York City tour devoted to museums, only must-see sections in these locations are mentioned here.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Often referred to as the Met, this museum is home to millions of artworks in its private collection, which represents 5 millennia of art. Its permanent exhibits comprise of Egyptian Art that chronicles Old Stone Age to Rome of 300,000 BC to 4th Century AD, artworks of the Medieval Period or the Middle Ages, and a wing devoted to American arts including decorative and fine arts. Its main highlight is the “Temple of Dendur,” related to the Roman Period.

American Museum of Natural History

This museum is devoted to dinosaur fossils, including that of Tyrannosaurus rex, exhibits that focus on most known animals, and collections that chronicle human history. It also owns an IMAX theater, which is a highlight on its own. If you are visiting the museum anytime soon, make it a point to walk into Hayden Planetarium, Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, and the Butterfly Conservatory. The planetarium exhibits are related to groundbreaking discoveries of earth and space, the second section recreates the magic of an undersea universe, and the third one features hundreds of butterflies in an environment that seems more like a butterfly habitat.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Modern artworks often push the creative boundaries of every work of art often termed as traditional. Yet, most of the works of artists on display here include post-impressionist names such as Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso, impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, and masters of modern art including Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. In fact, if you love fine arts of any artistic media, the MoMA has something or the other on display that is sure to excite you. Seeing the post-impressionism paintings and abstract works here, you may even draw worthwhile comparisons to some of the classic works of art.

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