Boost Your Cell Service In Europe

Whether you are a fan of journeys along countryside or love the charm of cities, Europe will not disappoint you as it has got it all. European cities and villages are tourist attractions that make people coming back. There is no place for worries about the worth of the trip. That is assured for sure, but ensuring the strength of cellular signals while you are on your European trip is your responsibility.

Your carrier may not have good coverage in all the places that you visit, and the fact sheds light to the importance of cell phone booster that can be used to boost weak cellular signals to facilitate quality communication.

What Is Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone booster is a simple device that is used to increase the strength of cellular signals despite the weaknesses in the signals available at the reception points. The device takes in the weak cellular signals via the external antenna, amplifies them using the amplifier and rebroadcasts them using the internal antenna.

Classification Of Cellular Signal Boosters

Based on the parameter compared, signal booster has multiple classifications.

Classification Based On The Places They Are Used

  • Signal booster for immobile locations like offices and buildings
  • Signal booster for mobile locations like trucks, cars, boats, RVs etc

Classification Based On The Generation Of Cellular Technology

  • 3 G boosters

               3 G boosters work with 3G and 2G technologies like CDMA, GSM, UMTS, HDMA, AWS etc.

  • 4 G boosters

4 G boosters work with LTE, advanced LTE and LTE plus.

Classification Based On Consumer Base

  • Consumer Signal Boosters

 They can be used in places like homes and vehicle like cars. The devices usually come in plug and play format and hence the installation and maintenance is quite easy, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

  • Industrial Signal Boosters

Industrial signal boosters cover large areas like public spaces and large commercial buildings. The boosters can support multiple carriers at the same time, and being large scale, the installation requires more planning and technical expertise.

  • Part 90 Signal Booster

This special type of signal boosters is designed specifically for using in Private Land Mobile Radio Units or in public safety. The installation requires professionally certified installer.

Before you set off for your European trip, be aware of the signal troubles that you might face during the trip and buy the best signal booster to use in your trip.

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