Common Uses of Videowalls

One of the newest trends in advertising for brands is = the platform of Digital Signage. It allows them to deliver high-quality eye-catching visuals in real-time. There are several implementation methods of digital signages, the most popular being video walls. The advances in LED technology have made implementing these cost-effective and feasible. They can be found in many shopping malls, flagship stores, airports and public spaces. Videowalls are one of the most sought after products of many digital signage companies. The following are some of the most widespread uses of videowalls in public spaces.


These are replacing large format posters in public places which belonged to the traditional print media. Improvement in LED technology has advanced so much, that the cost of installing video walls have dropped sharply. It allows brands to deliver motion advertisements in public spaces on a huge canvas. This lets you update the advertisements at a higher frequency. Multiple advertisements can be shown rather than one and as there isn’t any manual labour involved, it can save time.

Retail Stores

It is a very common sight to find video walls at the flagship stores of branded apparel stores. This lets the brand to directly communicate about the positive aspects of the brand with the customers. This has been increasingly used by premium automobile brand stores to communicate the details of each model. Almost all flagship consumer electronics stores feature this.

Corporate Office

Many corporate offices feature huge LCD or LED video walls that showcase their brand videos and achievements. This helps them to build an impression on the customers’ mindset. In some offices, these walls are used to create an ambiance that features shifting landscape videos. At hospitals, they use such video walls to feature the services they offer, different medical departments and achievements.


Large organizations that deal with volumes of information use video walls in their control rooms. For example in the control rooms of police departments, the departure and arrival terminals of airports to inform passengers and in logistics companies. These walls give real-time information. Such walls can also be used in public spaces to inform about live weather readings.


Huge video walls can be found at the periphery and lobbies of movie theatres. These display trailers of movies and the schedule of shows. They can be found at the reception desks of hotels for greeting guests. Huge video walls can be found in sports-themed restaurants to broadcast live sports matches to huge crowds of customers.

It is obvious from above that these video walls are very common and used almost everywhere. Consulting with digital signage companies in your area will help you to identify your needs and arrive at a budget.

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