Where To Find The Best CBD In Washington DC?

Washington DC is one of the most accessible cities in the United States to get high-quality CBD products. Since 2014, the residents of Washington DC who are over the age of 21 years are allowed to purchase and possess cannabis up to 2 oz. They can also grow their own cannabis and trade it but not for money.

The hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal as long as it contains less than 0.3 % of THC. When Farm Bill was passed in 2018, the CBD industry in Washington DC started to grow. Now you can find several CBD stores in different parts of the city where you can legally buy CBD products even without a prescription.

Types Of CBD Products Available In Washington DC

Today, CBD can be administered to our bodies in a variety of ways. Try these popular CBD products in Washington DC that helps to safely administer CBD to your body.

Topical CBD Products

They are simply topical creams, lotions, or ointments that are infused with CBD oil. One of the main features of topical CBD products is unlike other products of CBD, they do not enter the bloodstream of the user. Instead, they give a localized relief from pain and inflammation and also help the muscles to relax. The effects of topical CBD products kick in a matter of minutes and that is also one of the reasons why people prefer CBD creams and lotions for pain relief.

Transdermal CBD Products

This type of CBD products is available in the form of patches that is to be applied to the skin. People usually use transdermal CBD products to get relief from pain and inflammation. But unlike CBD topicals, they are not used for localized relief. When you use transdermal CBD products, the CBD will penetrate the skin and will be absorbed into the bloodstream. That way CBD reaches the rest of your body and provides a lot of health benefits.

Edible CBD Products

Some of the most common CBD edibles are CBD gummies, CBD cookies, CBD pills, CBD capsules, CBD chocolates, etc. All these products are made by infusing CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD oil, or broad-spectrum CBD oil. Using CBD edibles ensures that the CBD will remain in your system for a long time because when you use edible CBD products they are digested and metabolized in the liver and it is absorbed into the bloodstream. One drawback of edible CBD products is that they take a longer time to show the desired effect.

Sublingual CBD Products

Sublingual CBD products usually come in the form of oils and tinctures. CBD tinctures have a dropper that allows you to take a few drops of CBD under your tongue. Once you take some CBD under the tongue, hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing it. There are many tiny blood vessels present under your tongue. When you hold CBD under your tongue, it will be absorbed through these blood vessels and reaches the bloodstream quickly and its effect will take place almost immediately.

Suppository CBD Products

These are the CBD products that come in the form of tampons, lube, and suppositories. These products allow you to introduce CBD into your body through rectum and vagina. Suppository CBD products are very effective for people who are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, including Crohn’s disease. It also helps in reducing the inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease. For women, suppository CBD products are really helpful in preventing menstrual cramps. These products work quickly and you will feel its effects in a matter of minutes.

Inhalable CBD Products

We can use inhalable CBD products by smoking or vaping. CBD isolate is mainly used in inhalable CBD products. CBD vape pens are the best device that can be used for vaping CBD. The CBD vape oil inside the vape pen will be heated and converted into an odorless vape that can be inhaled. You can also smoke CBD the same way you would smoke a dab. This method of consumption is fast-acting and the effects will be experienced within minutes.

Buying CBD Products In Washington DC

There is no need for a doctor’s prescription or recommendation for buying CBD in Washington DC. Anyone can purchase CBD products because CBD is legal in the United States as long as it is derived from the hemp plant and the THC content is less than 0.3 %. Doctors can recommend CBD products to their patients.

Where To Buy Best CBD Products In Washington DC?

There are several CBD stores in Washington DC that sells a wide range of high-quality CBD products since 2014. After the legalization of hemp-derived products in 2018, these shops began to gain maximum profits.

If you are looking for the best CBD in Washington DC, you can find them in these places.

Washington, D.C.

One of the best CBD stores in Washington, D.C. is the well established National Healing Center. The store is located right in the heart of Dupont Circle. Many customers reviewed the store as the best dispensary in Washington DC. The store offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Online ordering is also one of the specialties of the National Healing Center. The store opens seven days a week.

If you are a resident of the city, you can also visit the Takoma Wellness Center located at 6925 Blair Rd NW, Washington, D.C, which is just outside the south of Silver Springs. No appointments are necessary for visiting the Takoma Wellness Center. They only sell premium CBD oils and opens every day except Saturday.


At Gaithersburg, you can visit Vapor Vapor Vapor (Vapor Worldwide) to buy some of the finest CBD products. The shop is located in 15906 A Shady Grove Rd, which is just a short drive from Washington, D.C. Based on customer reviews; the shop holds a 4.5 star rating for its helpful CBD products and exceptional customer service.

The shop offers different varieties of CBD products, including CBD oils, e-liquids, CBD vape products, drippers, and 250 different juice lines. All the products of Vapor Vapor Vapor are highly affordable. In addition to that, they offer a 10 % online discount on Yelp. The shop is open from 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays and 9 am to 9 pm on all other days.


If you are a Washington DC resident, just outside D.C in Bethesda you can find Action House Vape selling some of the best CBD products of popular CBD brands. The shop holds a 4.5 star rating based on their customer reviews. They have a very helpful and friendly staff that is willing to guide you towards the CBD product that is right for you.

Action house Vape offers a wide range of CBD products; all of them are highly affordable. They also offer promotions and discounts including military discounts. In addition to CBD products, the shop also sells e-liquids, e-juices, vapor products, accessories, etc. The shop is open all week. On Sundays, the shop opens at 12 noon and closes at 6 pm. On all other days, the shop opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm.


Vaperz, located at 13830-2 lee Hwy is one of the best CBD stores in Centreville. The shop offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products, including CBD hemp oil, e-liquids, e-juices, and many more alternative holistic goods and has a 4.5 star rating based on customer reviews.

The owner and staffs of Vaperz are highly informative and they are able and eager to answer all your questions about their extensive collections of CBD products and other alternative holistic goods. The shop opens in all the seven days of a week. But the timings are different. From Monday to Thursday, the shop opens at 11 am and closes at 8 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the shop opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm. The shop opens at 12 pm and closes at 8 pm on Sundays.


Located in 8027 Leesburg Pike, Dynamic Integrations Wellness & Massage is one the best places to buy CBD products in Tysons. The shop is just outside of D.C and holds a 5 star rating. The shop sells only high-quality CBD infused products like CBD lotions, premium essential oils, and many more.

They only sell products that are affordable to everyone. Dynamic Integrations wellness & Massage offers a special discount for military veterans. The shop opens for only 4 hours on Sunday, from 3 pm to 7 pm and on Saturdays, the shop opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm. On all other days, the shop is open from 10 am to 8 pm.

Best CBD Stores In Washington DC


It is one of the newest CBD stores located in the Dupont Circle/ Adams Morgan neighborhood.  The shop has a wide range of high-quality, organic CBD products. The shop has a zen-like vibe and it feels like you already took some CBD.

Pure Med

It is one of the largest CBD delivery companies in Washington DC. They only offer products that are natural, non-GMO, and tested by a third-party lab. They sell safe and highly refined oils, capsules, and salves that come in different concentrations. Pure Med delivers your order within one hour if you live in the DC area.

Qi kKratom CBD Tea

The shop specializes in Kratom that has similar relaxing and anti-anxiety effects as that of CBD. The shop also offers CBD tea, CBD pet products, and cosmetics. The combination of both Kratom and CBD will have great benefits for your body.

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