The Benefits of a Virtual PBX System

A virtual PBX system is a form of phone network used in an organization. It is one of the many different types of PBX phone systems. Those who use it can communicate with people in their enterprise and beyond it via the internet. This form of business phone system enables users to have relatively more telephones than lines and free phone calls to others. It also gives features such as transfers, call recording, voicemail, ACD call queues, and interactive voice menus.

Virtual PBX, abbreviated as VPBX, is useful for companies with many remote offices and numerous workers as well as for brick and mortar businesses. The PBX was found among switchboard operators for the first time. The biggest evolution occurred in the 1990s when PBX phone systems developed with the increasing need for data networks. When internet connectivity became more affordable and widespread, VoIP PBX telephone systems became well-known and important.

Conventionally, PBX phone systems are typically more flexible compared to proprietary systems because these use open interfaces and standards. Modern PBX systems use regular hardware, which is more affordable and can be easily replaced than closed communication systems.

By utilizing the internet to provide enterprise-grade services, your business can profit from the important benefits including the following.

Reduces Monthly Recurring Expenses

The monthly cost of business telephone lines can be anywhere from $45 to $80 based on the minutes used and long-distance calling places.

Eliminates Upgrade and Maintenance Costs

Several businesses pay additional fees to third parties who support their PBX. Hosted PBX telephones are intuitive and can be programmed by your existing worker.

Low Upfront Expenses

Traditional or hybrid PBX systems can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 plus to set up, wire and program.

Fail-Over Offers an Always-On Solution

Every main menu, extension, and voicemail resides beyond your office, so even when you experience an outage, external calls will always get your main telephone menu.

Seamlessly Connect Many Locations

Whether you are a virtual company made up of telecommuters, or a big multi-site corporation, a cloud PBX system can provide instant communications between your offices and workers for free.

Streamline Calls Using IVR Menus

With a hosted private branch exchange system, you can have many IVR menus. Using this feature, you can easily direct inbound callers to the right end-users and departments in seconds of the call starting.

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