The Emergence of Smart Fabrics

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The fashion world has witnessed tremendous changes happening in the field of textile industry over the past years. With the emergence of new innovations like electronic textiles and nanotextiles, the textile market has undergone revolutionary changes. One such innovation in the textile field that created a great uproar is the introduction of smart fabrics. This technology is promised to bring drastic changes in the world of fashion. Here at Luxury Knit, we are always dedicated to conduct researches to incorporate new technologies, like smart fabrics, with garment production to develop fabrics that will be more comfortable for you.

What is Smart Fabric?

Smart fabrics can be defined as fabrics that can sense and respond to changes that are happening around them. These textiles have different capacities and abilities to do different things that a traditional fabric cannot do, like conduct energy, transform, communicate or even grow. These textiles have the capability to sense the changes in their environment or external stimuli and will respond to these factors by adapting their behavior according to the situation.

Smart textiles are able to sense and measure different factors like touch, movement, light, stretch and also sound. They can also respond to changes in factors like heat, light, color and shape. More researches are taking place to improve the features of smart fabrics so that it can be brought to individual users.

Generations of smart fabrics

The evolution of smart fabrics happened through several years. It mainly involves three generations which defines the three important stages in the evolution of smart fabrics. The classifications are as follows:

Passive: This is the first generation of smart textiles. This type of material was able to detect body or environmental conditions. They will contain fabric sensors to sense the changes happening around them.

Active: Next comes the Active smart fabrics which has the ability to sense and react to the changes happening around them. They have both sensors and actuators that will help them to detect and react to changing conditions.

Ultra: This is a much more advanced version of smart fabrics. They not only sense and react but also adapt to the changes in their environment. They will adopt themselves to the stimuli and will provide more convenience for the person who wears it.

Smart fabrics will definitely conquer the textile industry in the future. With its endless possibilities, smart textiles will certainly create a bigger impact in the fashion’s ecosystem. The giants in the textile industry are already researching about the possibilities for the commercialization of smart fabrics. This great innovation will definitely leave its mark in the future of fashion industry.

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