Tips to Get Started with a Pattern Maker in LA

Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers

There is always a lot of prep work to be done for the people who you hire to help in your business, especially in the clothing manufacturing industry. Your capability to provide the information and necessary tools to them affects their success and the success of your garment manufacturing Los Angeles business. The case with a pattern maker is no different. The works of the designer and the patterns makers are decisive elements in the clothing industry.

The pattern maker of your business has the ultimate role in the success of your business. Here are some incredible tips that are beneficial in equipping your pattern maker with all the needed information and tools. You can know more here.

Fit Model Body Measurements

After finding a model that embodies your ideal customer, you would then need to supply all the measurements of the body along with how you measured each point. Using diagrams to describe this can be even more helpful.

Mood Board

Create a mood board for making the tasks easier and share it with your pattern maker which can allow the person to see your thought processes of building the garments. This would make them understand and create the product you imagined in a better way. To know more about creating mood boards, you can always check Google.

Tech Packs

Creating a tech pack is one of the major steps while developing a product, therefore it is very important to keep in mind to not cut down the details. The tech pack must include the specification information, technical drawings, methods that support the making of a pattern, fabrications, etc. along with many other necessary details. Though you will get a rough idea about the measurements while you work with a tech designer, working with a pattern maker will make you understand more specifically about the development of the product. Moreover, always make sure to stay updated.

Fabric Standards

Ensure that you discuss and show a part of the fabric to your pattern maker before he or she works on it to create a pattern. Keep in mind the fact that the fit of the garment will be affected by the type of fabric used. So you can listen to the advice of your pattern maker about the quantity of fabric that needs to be purchased while setting up the sample.

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