Understanding the Meaning of Various Garage Door Sounds and Noises

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Garages are not just places to park our rides, but also a way to enter our house. In addition, it is also a place to store things to avoid clutter inside the home. Continuous opening and closing of garage doors puts a lot of pressure on the components of the garage door parts. Most of us do not realize that there is something wrong with the garage door until we hear some strange noise and sound coming out of it. In fact, understanding these sounds can help you in determining whether to call the garage door repair technician or to do the repair on your own. Some of the common garage door sounds and their indications are explained below.

Banging or Thumping Sounds

This is a very common garage door sound and it can be caused mainly due to the following reasons.

  • If the door has an automatic opener, the sound might be caused as the travel system of the door is letting the door to move much far along the track. If this is the cause of the sound, you need to get in contact with a garage door repair person and get the opener fixed.
  • If the garage door does not have an automatic opener, the sound might be caused by the garage door springs. In such cases, you need to get them lubricated, repaired, or replaced if the damage is too much. The latter two works should be done by a qualified garage door repair technician because it is dangerous to work with garage door springs that are under high tension. You can lubricate them on your own though.

Grinding Sounds

If the garage door is making grinding noises when it is opened or closed, the misalignment of the shaft system could be the cause of the noise. Other reasons are bent track, alignment problem with the hinges, or defective garage door rollers. One of the easiest ways to find where the noise is coming from is to look for metal shavings. If you find some chipped parts, you can be sure that metal is being scraped when the garage door is opened or closed. In that case, call in a garage door repair technician to realign the shat as soon as possible.


If the door makes squealing or squeaking sounds while opening or closing, it might be caused due to wear and tear of the bearings, rollers, pulleys, or springs. Usually, you can get rid of the noise by finding where the squeak is coming from and applying lubricant to the squeaky part. In case of worn out rollers and bearings, you need to get them replaced by an experienced garage door repair person.

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