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The Mount Pleasant neighborhood has a small-town feel, old-timey architecture, and is full of Hispanic flavor, which all explain why it draws both natives and visitors alike. It was carved out of a farmland, during the early 20th Century. Situated adjacent to the station Columbia Heights Metro, it is now rife with charming storefronts, several of which hold restaurants and bars, and townhouses. Since it is also home to the Latino people, there are many taco-serving cafés, Hispanic bars, and other attractions, which all give it an international flavor all right. Below are some of the best things to do and see when in Mount Pleasant as part of your Washington DC tour program.

Find Inner Peace at Past Tense Yoga Studio

Situated in a transformed Victorian corner building, Past Tense Yoga gives each day yoga classes, and sessions at a special rate to those who drop by. Its roster ranges from intricate flow sessions to restorative classes, the latter being relatively easy for beginners to yoga. This form of working out is something that has gained traction in the recent past, so much so that there is even an International Yoga Day now observed annually on June 21. After all, there are only so much nasty things that one can tolerate in life – sometimes, people just need a relaxation of some sort.

Have Breakfast at Dos Gringos

Homey egg burrito, strong coffee, and fine pastry items attract people to stop by at this restaurant. It is situated in a transformed Victorian residence. The vibe of the restaurant is not buttoned up but Berkeley-cool, particularly on the big street-side patio. During the summer season, make it a point to try out homemade scoops from the ice cream parlor downstairs.

Dine at Ellē Restaurant

The hybrid café cum bakery setting, which resides along the Mt. Pleasant St NW, fills the void of a most-hours-open eatery. It dishes out a varied selection of baked foods, everything from focaccia to turnover pastry by daytime and medium plates by nighttime. Diners speak highly of the spaetzle, which is a contemporary take on Old European egg noodles filled with littleneck and breadcrumbs, and grilled Kimchi with a spicy seafood sauce and labneh.

Try Salvadorian Cuisine at a Local Joint

Order pupusa, a corn masa turnover filled with cheese, pork, or vegetables, at any of the joints in the neighborhood that specialize in the delectable Central American cuisine. For one, Don Juan doles out an extended menu and tropical cocktails, besides offering sidewalk seating. Natives also love the fresh fare at Pupuseria San Miguel, the down-home restaurant.

Enjoy Live Music at Haydee’s Restaurant

The Christmas lights always stay on in this restaurant, where margarita and frequent live music programs lure a diverse set of audiences. Its menu of Mexican-Salvadoran style chow, margarita, and karaoke nights are enough to bring people a good time until wee hours. Those are reasons enough to check it out during your Washington DC tour.

Rent a Bicycle and Explore the Rock Creek Park

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There is a station of the metropolis’ bicycle-sharing service at the backside entrance of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, which actually borders the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. So if you are in the mood, get yourself a bike and ride into the verdant green space of the District, where you will find other riders, birds, as well as a meandering creek.

Try Filipino Cuisine at Purple Patch

Enjoy some out spicy-sweet food items at this restored townhouse run by a family. Its owner is frequently on duty, and suggests dishes such as the appetizer named Lumpia and rice noodle stir-fry. Desserts, several of them fruity dishes, are exemplary, and there is also a brunch on weekends.

Visit the Farmers’ Market

One of the bustling markets in DC takes place on Mount Pleasant’s main plaza each Saturday morning, during select times of a year and hours. When you come here, expect baked products, cheese, fresh produce, and snacks such as pork bun and sandwich. Live music also makes it an inviting place to visit when on tours of Washington DC.

Shop for Vintage Items at Logan’s Antiques

This antique store has been in the business for several years, and offers vintage photographs, retro glassware, and a smattering of classic clothes. They have got a quirky allure, something which is evident right at the storefront.

Have a Cold One at a Dive Bar

The Raven Grill, which has been in the field since the year 1935 in one way or the other, does not serve food anymore. Instead, the narrow and retro bar serves simple mixed drinks, beers, and offers an eccentric jukebox experience. Its walls are rife with photos and graffiti of classic rockstars, which explains why mostly young people visit it.

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