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Washington DC is known for its vivacious culture and historic past. Contrasting to what most people might think, this populous city is filled with many fun and adventurous activities. If you want to explore DC, it is better to range over certain streets in the DC. Below is the list of some of the best streets in DC, from which you can discover the culture, past, neighborhoods, etc., of the capital city of the US.

M Street NW

M street is located in the historic neighborhood of Georgetown. You can reach here by hopping in any one of the 30 metro buses. You can see the dark, steep staircase concealed behind the alley; they are the famous steps from the Hollywood movie “The Exorcist”. If you want some spookiness in your trip, come over here and take some pictures at these steps.

You can then go to the famous bowling alley or the bohemian bars around the Pinstripes for some entertainment. Besides, if you feel hungry, go and try the tastiest zucchini tacos from the Chaia. You will also get many shopping varieties including the Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden here. You can stroll down the brick sidewalks to reach the charismatic waterfront of Potomac River in the evening, and either enjoy the picturesque river or go kayaking.

18th Street NW

The street is famous for their 24×7 food corners, where you can savor the delicious torso-sized pizza slice. There are several other food points in the street that are really cheap. You can also do thrift shopping from the shops in the street, which offers many designers wears, vintage models, etc., for really cheap rates. You can also visit the underground “Smash Records”, where you will get wide range of new and used clothes, jewelry, Indie and rock and roll CDs, and all weird things.

After the tiresome shopping, you can relax in the famous and trendy coffee house of the street – Tryst. The main highlight of Tryst is that the coffeehouse will turn to a 21+ bar during nighttime, and serve the best artisan cocktails. So do not forget to stick around until late night to experience this wonderful transformation.

Minnesota Avenue SE/NE

The most beautiful and appreciated Anacostia River is located in the Minnesota Avenue. Most people show interest to visit the west east side of the river, where you can see and do several aquatic activities during your Washington DC tours.

Make sure to cross this beautiful river in the Southeast DC and wander through the Minnesota Avenue to discover Washington in its less developed stage. Here, the river is not in its best form because of the industrial pollution for years. However, now the authorities are showing good efforts to clean and maintain the river well. When there, do not forget to enjoy and discover the amazing diversity of aquatic life from the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.

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