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Food trucks are awesome, and everyone that loves food agrees. They are all over the place in almost any city you visit these days, which is a godsend for travelers who sometimes want to have their food without having to enter a restaurant. Besides, those places often cost based on the experience they provide, while food trucks just sell you food. Following are some of the best food trucks in Washington D.C. to try out.


A wandering establishment described by its owners as “The Capital of Macaroni”, CapMac unsurprisingly has some of the best Mac and cheese you will chance to eat while on your Washington DC tour. Two of the favorites here are Buffalo chicken mac, and the “happy ending” bar, which is a drink that has a coconut brownie, a chocolate chip cookie and honey walnut toffee.

Tasty Kabob

This food truck covers DC from end to end, and also has a sidewalk cart. They have what is often called a halal cart, which means the meat sold is halal. Famous items sold here include skewered lamb or chicken, which is served over rice or salad, or in a sandwich. Then there is the meatball kabob which they sell only on Wednesdays, and which runs out faster than Ed Sheeran concert tickets.

The Big Cheese

On their website, The Big Cheese notes that normal grilled cheese is not good enough for adults. Therefore, they have come up with The Thrilled Cheese, which has jalapeño and guacamole and chipotle Cheddar. Also famous is the Cherry Glen (grilled cheese with lemon fig jam and chèvre).

DC Slices

This pizza truck draws lines that extend down the block and small surprise too, considering how delicious their food is. It is similar to Jumbo Slice in many respects, including the non-crispy bottom, the mottled cheese, and even the texture. If you consider it a regional style and stop comparing with what you have had in other parts of the country, it is hard not to enjoy.

Pepe Food Truck

Still under a year old, this food truck is run by the famous chef José Andrés. It originally had eight sandwiches on the menu, and then recently added the Spanish pork burger as well as other items. As for the taste, the chef clearly knows his business.

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