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Washington DC abounds in historical sites waiting for the lovers of history. A history student who visits Washington cannot avoid visiting these historic sites which have volumes to say and teach to the interested visitors. Here are some of the top historic sites in Washington DC.

  • Ford’s Theatre: It brings alive the memory of Abraham Lincoln and of his assassination. It was on April 14, 1865, that he was shot dead in this theatre. It was then closed for 103 long years before it was finally opened in 1968. The theatre still hosts a variety of plays by the most talented playwrights and artists. The Lincoln Museum present here gives a fair idea about the elaborate plan that John Wilkes Booth hatched to assassinate the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of State.
  • The White House: This has been the symbol of the United States government and the people, since 1800. It has housed all of the American Presidents except for George Washington. Though it was remodeled and restored several times, it still remains as the emblem of American democracy. The Oval Office is the most important area in the residence.
  • S Navy Memorial: It is one of the most famous landmarks in Washington built as a tribute to the naval officers who served or are serving the country. There is a granite plaza of 100-foot diameter. The achievements of the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines are inscribed on the fountains, pools and historic panels surrounding the plaza. The Lone Sailor statue stands here in memory of those who joined the naval service out of their patriotism.
  • S Capitol: This building is considered as the most prominent icon of democracy of the United States. It is a working legislative building and a national monument at the same time. A guided tour here can help the visitor to understand how the U.S government works.
  • World War II Memorial: This is also one of the most visited historical monuments in Washington. As the name suggests, the building is a living memory of the 16 million people who served the U.S military during the war. The 56 pillars that surround the plaza signify the states and territories that united for the war effort. On the freedom, the wall is sculpted 4000 golden stars in remembrance of the 400,000 who sacrificed their lives in the war. The rainbow pool is also a center of attraction here.

If you are planning on a Washington DC tour make sure that you visit these locations.

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