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Though the term “speakeasy” originally refers to the illegal liquor shops, presently the cocktail bars love to be referred to as “speakeasies”. Therefore these speakeasies have nothing to do with the legality of liquor. Unlike the other bars in Washington, these speakeasy bars have a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. They are not very much known to everyone and hence do not have the atmosphere of the other normal bars. The seating in these bars are very intimate and are usually reserved. You can have the weird combinations of liquors here and also the classic ones.

Here are some of the speakeasy-themed bars you can find on your tours of Washington DC.


This is an adventurous cocktail bar located underneath the Sugar Shack doughnut shop. The cocktail and snack menu of Nocturne is inspired by the ingredients which are from four different places of the world. You can order your drink individually or as a set of three. There are reservations open for groups not exceeding five members.

The Gibson

This bar is located near the U street and can be accessed through a usually unnoticed plain door on the busy 14th Street. Its main lounge has bar seats and booths which are very popular. It also has a back patio and second-floor nooks where you can enjoy your drinks. There will be special drinks offered depending on the season. Otherwise, you will be able to pick up a bottle from the collection and be in your world.

The Alex

This speakeasy bar can be found in the cellar of Graham Hotel in Georgetown. Its newspaper themed menu has the mentions of prohibition printed on it. The advertisement for the cocktails available here says that they come from the “farm-to-glass”.

600 T St. NW

This is one of the most hidden bars in Washington. It is situated in a place which is filled with bars and restaurants but is very unlikely to be found by someone. The name of the bar is actually the street address itself and this makes it more difficult to be found.

Left Door

An unnoticed door towards the left of a building in the 14th Street can lead you to this speakeasy bar. You can have some creative cocktails here. But the seating here will be congested if you visit during peak hours.

There are many more speakeasy bars in the city of Washington and many of them are not so easy to find from the outside. But once you are in, you can have a wonderful experience away from the outside hustle and bustle.

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