5-Star Hotels With Dreamy Views In Washington DC

Private Tours To Washington DCPrivate Tours To Washington DC
Private Tours To Washington DC

Private Tours To Washington DC

The place you stay is an important part of your trip no matter which part of the world you are in. it is the place where you go to after a day-long of excruciating adventure and exploration. How can it be ignored? The room should make you relaxed, homely and comfortable.

Moreover, your hotel should have all the facilities that you need. If you need to go swimming to relax your muscles after a day of trekking, you should select a hotel which has a swimming pool. If you are an Instagram addict, you will only enjoy your stay in a hotel with wifi services.

What you need to remember before you select a hotel is your requirement and the hotel’s services. Given below are the best 5-star hotels in Washington DC which provide world-class services and premium customer services.

The Hay-Adams

Would you like to wake up with the best view of the White House? The beautiful city of Washington DC has a hotel named The Hay-Adams which is chosen as the respite of celebrities, presidents, politicians, dignitaries, and artists. This magnificent hotel was the home of the former U.S politician John Hay and the historian Henry Adams. The hotel is known for more than its frequent visitors, it’s engrossing history, superior accommodation, and perfect location at the heart of the city. It stands tall in a walkable distance away from all the wonders of Washington DC.

JW Marriott

This global brand name stands for a few values that make it an unprecedented rival. With its 5 star services of the highest quality, twenty hours customer services, exceptional amenities and posh architecture will leave its customers awestruck and happy. Irrespective of the nature of your trip- official or pleasure, JW Marriot has facilities that will satisfy all your needs efficiently within no time. Your mornings in the hotel will be blessed with the view of downtown Washington DC and the blissful Pennsylvania Avenue. It is located in the same street as the White House, which increases the possibility of you bumping into your favorite celebrity or role model!


Known as one of the best hotels in the city, Rosewood offers everything you might need. Located in the splendid neighborhood of Georgetown, it offers first-class services to its guests making it the epitome of luxury. The view of the picturesque city from this glamorous hotel will amaze everyone and ease their mind. Its guest rooms are adorned with rich exterior and impressive designs.

Booking a private tours to Washington DC will make your trip more enjoyable and worthy.

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