9 Things No One Tells you about Washington DC

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Washington is a great place to visit, with all its parks, monuments, government buildings and neighbourhoods that offer something for every type of tourist. March through May is a great time to visit, but if you are planning to, here are some things nobody tells you about the place.

Kennedy Center Has a Free Performance a 06:00 pm Every Day

You can reach the place via free shuttle starting at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop. When you reach the Millennium Stage, you will get to see performances featuring music, theater, dance, and children’s programs.

It is Possible to Watch the Supreme Court Argue

The public gets to watch oral arguments, with persons arriving first getting admitted first. You just need to make sure you are there early enough, and that the court is in session.

You Can Enter the Pentagon

You can be part of an hour-long tour, which takes you on a walk that is 1.49 miles long, through the interior of this magnificent building. You will need to book in advance, as far back as two weeks.

Smithsonian Museums Don’t Just Offer Free Entry

The best museums in town not only give free entry to tourists, but also free films, tours, lectures, workshops, performances, etc. Some of their gift shops are also tax-free.

You Can Go Anytime to the Memorials on the Mall

The Lincoln Memorial and other malls are open around the clock, so if you want to enjoy some moonlight in relative solitude, that is always an option.

You Can Fly into DCA

If you value transport convenience above all else, then landing at the Reagan National Airport is allowed, and a good idea. It is located only three miles from downtown, and connects to the Metro.

You Can Walk on Crowded Escalators

You do not have to wait of the person in front of you to start moving. The right side is for standing, and the left side is for moving forward.

Bikes are a Good Way to See DC

Most of Washington DC, except Capitol Hill of course, is flat. It has a grid pattern you can understand easily, and if you are on a bike, plenty of park trails. You could rent a bike or join a private tour guide Washington DC. Bikes are also the best way to see the moonlit structures mentioned earlier.

You Can Visit the Embassy Series

With over 177 international embassies, Washington DC affords you the chance to avail concerts and cultural events aplenty.

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