A Comparative Study of Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial

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Memorials are being constructed to remember the contributions any stalwarts had brought about positively in society. Here we are going to endure into comparing the memorials of two such great men born and brought great progress in the growth of the US to reach its present state.

On Construction

Besides, appreciating the beauty of the two massive structures they display they are way too similar in its architectural design, as they both follow Greek-Roman styles. They resemble a classic temple, varying its size that Lincoln Memorial is more imposing than the Jefferson Memorial.


Covering a vast expanse of 27,336 sq. feet, the Lincoln Memorial is 204 feet long, 99 feet tall and 134 feet wide. Moreover, there are 36 columns surrounding the structure, which are 44 feet tall. Jefferson Memorial spreads in 18 acres of land, with a diameter of 165 feet and 129 feet tall. The number of columns for the counterparts is 26.

Period of Establishment

Both the monuments were built in a difference of almost two decades, with Lincoln memorial built in 1922, while the Jefferson Memorial in 1943. However, in the initial observation, Jefferson Memorial will look a century older than its counterpart.

Architectural design

The architectural design of the monuments differs in the fact while you visit Jefferson Memorial, you are going to feel more airy and lighter with aesthetically graceful structure. The marble structure of Lincoln may offer you an enclosed claustrophobic experience.

On Popularity and Geographic location

The annual visitation of Lincoln Memorial is around 3.6 million making them more popular than Jefferson Memorial with 2.3 million visitors a year. The reason behind such a drastic difference could be due to the location of the former in the Tidal Basin across the banks of the Potomac River. The being of East Potomac Park nearby also influences the number of tourist visiting.

Proximity with the mainland

You don’t need any private tour guide Washington DC to strike into the Lincoln Memorial, as they are set in a busy traffic space of the city. On the other hand, Jefferson Memorial is constructed on the southern side of the Tidal Basin on the banks of Potomac River.

Ranking facts

The compilation of American Institute of Architects, aftermath the construction of the White House, National Cathedral and the Empire State building for the Jefferson Memorial was not enough to beat the visiting capacity of Lincoln Memorial, which was the seventh in the list. These rankings are based on the list of America’s Favorite Architecture.

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