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It is a known fact that most people lead a busy lifestyle in the modern world. Hence, they will be able to spare only a few days for their leisure holiday trips in most cases. Thankfully, Washington DC is a perfect option for both small and long trips. However, you must plan your tour itinerary strategically in order to make the best out of your short Washington DC tour.

Note that Washington DC is one of the most easily accessible places and it will not be challenging for you to get around in the city. Moreover, you can cover almost every popular attraction as well. For starters, choosing accommodation at the city center or from an accessible distance from the places you would like to venture on your tour will save a good share of your money as well as time. Some of the ideal neighborhoods in DC where you can stay include Georgetown, Downtown, DuPont Circle, China Town, etc. In case you are looking forward to enjoying a three-day Washington DC tour, you may refer to the wisely designed itinerary given below.

Day 1

Dedicate your first day in DC to explore the popular museums and monuments in the city. Actually, there are an overwhelming number of museums and art galleries in Washington DC, so you may not be able to cover all those museums in a day. Still, it is recommended to limit your museum tours to a day. Hence, plan your tours accordingly; you may start with the popular options first.

Start your day by relishing a cup of coffee at any of the nearby caf├ęs. One of the popular coffee shops in Washington DC is Compass Coffee that is popular for its amazing coffee varieties. You can find Compass Coffee outlets at almost every DC neighborhood. Some Washington DC tour packages may include free breakfast option too. In that case, you may skip this step.

After enjoying your coffee, go for a peaceful stroll to energize your body as well as your mind for a full day city tour. The perfect place for this is the Tidal Basin that is situated alongside the picturesque Potomac River. You can also see numerous rows of enchanting cherry trees in this area. The Tidal Basin houses the Jefferson Memorial as well that you can venture on your way back.

Head on to the National Mall that is located at the heart of the city after this. Even though the National Mall is one of the most popular attractions in DC, the tourist horde here will be comparatively less. Furthermore, the popular Washington Monument and the Capitol Building are at a walking distance from the National Mall. On the way, you can see a number of museums as well. Note that almost every popular spot in the city is at an accessible distance from the National Mall, making it a perfect starting point.

When it comes to museum tours, some of the must-visit options include the Smithsonian Museum, Newseum, National Art Gallery, etc. Enjoy your lunch at any of these museums. After exploring your favorite art galleries, head on to the Lincoln Memorial to witness a spectacular sunset.

Day 2

You may plan to visit the popular neighborhoods in the city on your second day of Washington DC tour. Traveling around these local gems is perfect to get into the soul of the city. This day will be all about sightseeing, eating, walking, fun activities, and all. First, go for brunch at any of the local DC joints. Some of the popular options include the Purple Patch, The Coupe, Compass Rose, etc. After that, go for a stroll on the 14th street that hosts a number of top-notch boutiques, cozy cafes, palatial restaurants, etc.

Head on to the Union Market where you can see people of almost every nationality. After having lunch at any of the eateries here, explore the neighborhood that is crammed with stunning art galleries. You can travel around the happening localities as Adams Morgan and DuPont Circle as well that are at an accessible distance from the Union Market. Finally, wrap up your day at any of the nightclubs in the city.

Day 3

Plan your day 3 to venture some of the places at the outskirts of DC. One of those stunning places that will walk you through the true Washingtonian lifestyle is Mount Vernon, which is the birthplace of George Washington. This stunning historic spot will be a suitable option for a short day trip. Walking through the estate gardens at Mount Vernon will surely make your day.

Similarly, other incredible spots in Washington DC that are perfect for your day trips include Great Falls National Park, Old Town Alexandra, Meridian Hill Park, etc. You may go to the pending places on your travel list as well on day 3 if possible. Wrap up your Washington DC tour in style by enjoying a spellbound show at the Kennedy Center.

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