A Perfect Day in Washington DC under $100

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Washington DC is a complicated and proud city, which consists of many iconic structures, historical museums, grand boulevards, etc. Apart from this, Washington has another face with vibrant and happening nightlife, theatres, diverse restaurants, and many more. You can enjoy all these during your tours of Washington DC.

It is impossible to explore the city within a day, but you can plan your day perfectly so that you can enjoy most of these attractions in DC within a budget of $100. Below is the itinerary that you can follow to achieve this.

08:30 am

Start your day with a stroll around the great Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King. Jr gave the famous speech “I have a dream”. Use the hop on hop off transportation system in DC for an affordable travel. From here, move on to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and stroll through the beautiful Constitution Garden near the Washington Monument.

10:00 am

Visit the National Museum of American History, which houses a great collection of around three million items including the original American flag, great artifacts, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, etc. You can enjoy the amusing collection over here free of cost.

11:30 am

Move on to the National Gallery of Art, which exhibits the finest collection of art collections in America. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of neoclassical and modern architecture as well as the artworks. The West Wing Gallery that exhibits the impressionist works and the European masters will make your day.

01:00 pm

Visit the National Museum of American Indian, which showcases the culture, songs, costumes, traditions, etc., of the current time rather than the past. Here, you can also have your lunch in the Mitsitam Café, where you can savor various American flavors.

03:00 pm

Go to the International Spy Museum, which houses various spy crafts and historical technologies for a fun and relaxing time after your lunch. When you enter, they will give you an alias and some information, and on the way, you will be asked many questions about your identity to check how you can pull it off as a spy.

04:30 pm

Head over to Georgetown where you can see many beautiful streets lined with trees. Here, you can see many boutiques, cafes, and galleries where you can spend your time leisurely. However, keep your budget in mind while shopping. After this, you can relax at the window paneled teahouse in Ching Ching Cha at the Wisconsin Avenue.

09:00 pm

Go to Michel Richard for a perfect dinner and take a metro to U Street, one of the DC’s most vibrant streets. Once you get tired, move on to Marvin, which is a rooftop beer garden area. Relax here by sipping your favorite drink or try some Belgium brews.

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