A Useful Guide to Different Tourist Passes in Washington DC

Washington DC Tour

Washington Tourist Attractions

Washington DC is best known for its historical prominence, astonishing architecture, enlightening museums, and eclectic diversity. There are many attractions in the city, which you can explore during your Washington DC tours. Note that most of the main attraction in DC will be often crowded, and hence, it will be wise to make your reservations beforehand in order to avoid the tiring queues.

You can explore most of the attractions over here for free, but there are some places as well that demand an entrance fee. Fortunately, there are many tourist attraction passes and combos available, and if you choose the right one for you, it may save a lot of your bucks during your Washington DC tour.

Before you Choose a Pass

The kind of pass you have to choose mainly depends on the type of your trip as well as the attractions you would like to visit. Once you decide the basics of your Washington DC tour, go through various passes available. For instance, there are passes that will let you choose a set number of tourist spots from a pool of options. If you are looking for cheaper options, avail a build-your-own pass, where you may get a discount as per your itinerary. Another affordable option is the hop-on and hop-off bus tours, which offer good deals on visiting different places.

You can mainly avail two types of tourist passes in Washington DC. As per the set price in your pass, you can choose your attractions that you would like to visit. Additionally, there will be some discounts as well in the admission to some of the tourist spots. This type of pass is ideal for people who have a clear idea about what they want to include in their Washington DC tours.

Smart Destination Explorer Pass

There are mainly 10 services or attractions covered under this explorer pass. One option here is that you can choose any of the 3 or 5 attractions for a fixed price. Besides, you can just pick any two attractions and you can avail a discount of 20%. The cost of 3 attraction pass for adults is $54 and that for children below 12 is $34. In case of 5 attraction pass, the cost is $84 for adults and $54 for children.

City Sights Sightseeing Flex Pass

There are more than 17 attraction and services from which you can choose under this package. It comes as 1, 2, and 4 attractions, and you can take up to 7 days to explore the places. This is ideal for people who are planning long holidays in the US capital city. The cost for +2 attractions is $59 for adults and is $39 for children. In case of +4 attraction pass, the cost is $89 and $59 for adults and children respectively.

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