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Washington DC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that excels in almost every field. The artistic appeal of the monuments in the city is worth applauding. In fact, the neoclassical, as well as the contemporary buildings, are one of the major staples of the American capital city. In other words, this city can be defined as the treasure trove of architecture and design.

In DC, you can spot buildings in almost every style including Roman, gothic, vintage metro arches, bright graphic street murals, and whatnot. If you are an architecture junkie and are planning Washington DC tours shortly, including the spots listed below on your itinerary will be a great option. In fact, you may craft a perfect one day tour including these options.

The Salt Line restaurant

The Salt Line restaurant located at 79 Potomac Avenue Southeast is one of the perfect choices for all the architecture lovers out there. This design of this restaurant is inspired by New England style and shows off a clean and marine aesthetics. This spot is perfect for brunch and hence, you can start your beautiful day in DC by savoring drool-worthy food dishes at this restaurant. Besides, never forget to add this wonder that is both architecture and culinary masterpiece to your Instagram story and other social media feed.

Historic morning walk

After enjoying your outstanding brunch, head on to the National Mall to experience a historic morning walk. Make sure to roam around the popular rotunda of the Capitol and make your way to the world-known Washington Monument. From there, head on to the Lincoln memorial, which is beautified with Roman architecture.Wrap up your morning walk by exploring the second empire style Eisenhower building that is located next to the White House. This building features more than 550 rooms and a long corridor that spans around 2 miles and is highlighted using black and white tiles. In the olden days, the design of this building was regarded as a monstrosity and was often compared to asylums.

The Renwick Gallery

Another popular spot that is a dream of almost every architect is the Renwick Gallery. This building features contemporary crafts and art styles. As you walk in, you can see several exhibits that are way enlightening and be inspired by the artistic talent of the creative mindswho made all these stuff. Furthermore, this was the first building in the United States of America that was designed exclusively as an art museum. Note that before this, ancient buildings were renovated in a way to accommodate the artworks of gifted artists.

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