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Tucked into the northeast part of the city, Kenilworth water gardens is actually a hidden gem in Washington DC. This charismatic water garden will surely serve a treat to your eyes. The sight of picturesque ponds overflowing with pink and white lotuses, various tropical and non-tropical water lilies, is well maintained so that they give an eye cooling effect to the spectators.

This is the perfect place for you if you want to escape from the bustling nature of the city, while still being within the city limits itself. Below are some in-depth details of Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens that you can discover during your tours of Washington DC.

Things to Know about Kenilworth Gardens

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens is located on the border of the Maryland state, near the banks of Anacostia River. The main highlight of this scenic garden is the ponds crammed with various lotus blossoms as well as water lilies; the park has preserved the only remaining tidal marsh in the DC as well, named as Kenilworth Marsh. The recreational area nearby the park adds to the overall charm of the place.

Interesting Facts about Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

  • The land of Kenilworth aquatic gardens was actually owned by Walter B. Shaw and his daughter. Walter purchased the land in 1880’s and he started cultivating many American water lilies here that he purchased from Maine.
  • Congress purchased the Kenilworth aquatic gardens for $15,000 in 1938 in order to make it a public park.
  • You can find around 257 species of birds in Kenilworth aquatic gardens. Some of these birds are really rare that Kenilworth gardens became one of the treasured places for every bird-watcher.
  • The aquatic gardens of Kenilworth has 35 variety of soil types, which made it easier to grow a variety of water lilies and lotuses that you cannot find anyplace else in the world.
  • The aquatic garden houses 45 ponds and 70 acres of freshwater tidal marsh
  • In 1938, Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens became the part of the National Park System

Activities in Kenilworth Gardens

You can see how beautiful water lilies and lotus blossoms take the center stage during summer with their various color shades and charming beauty. Furthermore, the main activities that you can do in Kenilworth aquatic gardens are listed below.


Kayaks and canoes here will give you an ever-memorable boating experience. The beautiful Anacostia River is sure to take the overall experience to another level. However, make sure to go when the river is fairly tidal, as the marsh loses 90% of its tides at times.

Bird Watching

Kenilworth garden is considered as a heaven for bird-watchers as you can see even the rarest birds over here. Some of the birds in this park that houses nearly 180 species include sandpipers, woodpeckers, herons, hawks, ducks, flycatchers, wrens, swallows, warblers, peregrine falcons, northern harriers, Mississippi kites, buffleheads, etc.

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