An Ultimate Guide to Exploring DC in the Month of August

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Washington DC is best known for its history as well as the political prominence. Apart from this, the city also hosts a handful of attractions such as wondrous architectural aesthetics, incredibly natural landscapes, numerous events, happening nightlife, and many other things. DC has something in store for everyone, and hence, the city is actually a perfect package for every single person irrespective of whether you are a kid, adult, or an elderly man. No wonder, Washington DC holds one of the prime positions on the bucket list of almost every traveler.

It is to be noted that there are many seasonal events that you can enjoy in Washington DC. So, make sure that you know about the things that you can expect here before scheduling your trip. You can also consult your private tour guide Washington DC in order to help you with this. Being said that, one of the best times to explore the US capital city is the month of August. This is summer time here, so most people, especially students, will be enjoying their holidays. Obviously, the number and range of attractions here will be more now.

The Weather

When it comes to weather conditions here in Washington DC during the month of August, it will be usually warm and muggy at the beginning and it will become better and comfortable towards the end of the month. Even though the days will be mostly sunny in August, you must also expect cooler temperatures at times. According to a recent study, the highest temperature that is reported in Washington DC in August is 105°F and the lowest temperature is 49°F. Apart from this, you can also expect some rainfall or frequent thundershowers on about one out of every five days in DC. Luckily, the majority of rain comes here in waves at this time. That is, it is more likely to have a heavy rainfall only for 30 minutes rather than a full day shower. So, you can wait for the rain to pass and carry on with your affairs after that in such cases.

What to Wear

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Since it will be mostly sunny days in DC during the month of August, it is recommended to carry breathable clothes or apparels with light fabrics. However, you cannot strike out the chances of an occasional thundershower as well. Hence, it is wise to keep an umbrella or raincoat handy while traveling around the city. Besides, you can rarely expect some cooler late evenings in the city, and therefore, keep a couple of warm clothes as well in your baggage. Such clothes will be helpful when you explore some of the buildings here, especially the museums where the temperatures of air conditioners are so low that you will literally need a layered or warm cloth to stand it.

Important Events that you cannot Miss in Washington DC in August

Since it is the vacation season, there are many interesting festivals and unique events, which are conducted in the city. Surprisingly, most of those events are affordable and family friendly. For instance, consider the 17th street festival or the Dupont Circle festival here that is scheduled for August 25, 2018. At this time, the area will be closed to traffic and will showcase some of the versatile talents in culinary, artworks, and all. In fact, there will be approximately hundreds of vendors and artists in the street who showcases a variety of items that ranges from crafts to excellent jewelry pieces.

Other than that, there will be live music and many interesting games such as ball crawl, moon bounce, face painting, etc., as well throughout the day. Taking part in this festival will be a great way to explore a neighborhood of Washington DC and you can buy some souvenirs that you can cherish for a lifetime from the local artists. For more details, it is better to rely on your private tour guide Washington DC.

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In case you are food junkie, August is the best time to explore Washington DC as the city hosts some of the best eatery competitions at this time. Consider the DC beer week at National Park, for instance. Here, you can savor a number of food and beer varieties. Note that since eatery competitions in DC are quite famous, the tickets for participating in the competitions tend to sell out fast. Hence, it will be better to book your reservations in advance if you intend to participate in any of the food fests.

Another great thing that you can enjoy in DC is the outdoor movie festivals that are absolutely free of cost. Usually, they often play new releases or classics on a huge screen at any of the open stadiums. In order to take the movie watching experience to another level, take a blanket and pack some munchies and your favorite beverage. Furthermore, it is recommended to reach here early in order to get a good spot for watching your favorite movie.

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