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Washington DC is well known for its historical prominence and political background. This is also one of the most populated cities that showcase an unbelievably eclectic lifestyle. Hence, most places in the city will be crowded and noisy.

If you are planning private tours Washington DC, remember that chilly days are on the horizon. So, you need to be well prepared so that you can make your winter holidays in the capital city of the United States ever cherishable and happening. Fortunately, DC is a winter wonderland with many winter holiday markets, ice sculptures, free holiday displays, incredible events, and many more. Below are some of the best winter season activities that you can do in DC on your next private tours Washington DC.

Warm Yourselves at the Wharf

The Wharf is the hottest development along the Potomac River at a 20 minutes’ walk from the National Mall. This amazing destination is sure to offer you the best experience for dining, entertainment, shopping, and many more. This is also a great winter destination and is perfect to warm up your body. For this, there is a 14-foot flame known as the Torch that is powered by gas. Apart from that, there is also a fire pit here for the visitors where you can gather around and cook your traditional S’mores like fire-roasted marshmallows. You can also participate in any of the free winter games like broomball, curling, etc., that are conducted here.

Take Part in Community Yoga

At the beautiful Grand Foyer in the Kennedy Center, they conduct community yoga almost every Saturday morning from 10:15 am onwards. So, when you are in DC during the wintertime, get out of the cold and participate in the yoga session here in order to warm up your body up. There are different yoga trainers for different sessions, and hence, everybody can take part in the exercise; be it an amateur or a yoga veteran. One of the attractive things is that you can partake in the yoga sessions at the Kennedy Center free of cost.

Winter Wonder at Washington Harbor

Another must-see thing in Washington DC during the wintertime is the magnificent ice skating rink at the Washington Harbor of Georgetown. In fact, this is the largest ice skating rink in the entire Washington city. You can take pleasure in ice skating at the Harbor along with a spectacular view of Potomac River. The ticket price is only $10 for adults and $9 for children. Other than skating, you can also just stroll through this impressive harbor and click many Instagram worthy pictures.

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