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Washington DC is a great city to spend quality time exploring the delightful sights, culture, and the history related to the country. However, it is quite natural to crave for open spaces after a few days in the city. The good news is, there are several trails that run inside and outside the city that are ideal for hiking. These are well connected to the city and you will find no difficulty in reaching these spots. An enjoyable day in the outdoors will make your trip complete. Below is a discussion on some of the best hiking trails in the city that you can explore on your tours of Washington DC.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

This place is located within Washington DC and is an easy natural getaway from the city. It comprises of a 1.6-mile outer loop, besides the breathtaking views of the Potomac River. There are many forest trails that are ideal for some quiet time. Further, there are many waterways over which there are boardwalks pass that will let you see some wildlife. Note that the place is dog-friendly.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is ideal to go hiking if you are in the city. It has easy access to public transportation. You have to cross a beautiful footbridge which will take you to the island. The trail has patches of marshy areas and clean forest paths surrounded by trees. In other words, you can experience this natural setting while you are still within the city limits.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is among Washington DC’s largest parks. One can call it a path through a number of historic and natural landmarks. There are several trails within the park that you can choose to take. Some of them are easy while others are challenging. It is definitely one of the best green spaces in the city.

Venture into the valley trail to find wooded pathways and beautiful views. There are many historic locations within the park such as the Pierce Mill gristmill, Miller Cabin, and the Rolling Meadow Footbridge. Furthermore, the Pulpit Rock is great for a rock climbing session if you are up for it.

Scott’s Run Nature Preserve

If you are missing a serene waterfall hike, you cannot be luckier as this is exactly what you will find at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. This is one of the proper waterfall hikes near to DC. You have to walk a short way before you reach this beautiful riverside waterfall. It runs for about 2.2 miles through the forest, where you will have to cross some small hills. It is also dog-friendly and ideal for a morning walk. Make sure you visit this place while on your tours of Washington DC.

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Trail

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Trail is an easy hiking spot that is located very near to downtown DC. It offers a refreshing forest hike trail where seasons change the colors to different interesting shades. You can easily drive towards the park on your vehicle from DC. The trail runs beside the historic C&O canal. There are historic homes, wooden locks, and historic canal boats lining the canal. You can reach the edge of the river Potomac by taking the turn towards the Great Falls. This place is yet another attraction as it offers a great view to the visitors.

Note that there is a fee for the entry to this National Historic Park, but you can stay as long as you like once you are inside. It is advisable to visit the place in the spring to have the most colorful experience.

Mount Vernon Trail

Mount Vernon Trail might not necessarily be a wild trail, but is definitely one of the places to go for hiking near Washington DC. The place offers paths up to 18 miles starting from Mount Vernon which is the birthplace of George Washington, stretching all the way to Theodore Roosevelt Island.

The attractions include occasional views of the DC skyline. Besides, there is a well-laden path for bikers.

National Arboretum

National Arboretum is a seldom visited place in Washington DC. It is also a great hiking spot. There are well-defined trails and walking paths for anyone who loves a decent stroll in the outdoors. The famous spot in the park is the historic Capitol columns, while there are many other trails that you can explore on foot. The region of Asian collections is worth checking out. Besides, the cherry trees blossom in the spring, making it a celebration of colors.

Washington DC may be a bustling city, but it does have a beautiful face which is scenic and close to nature. There are hiking trails all around the city that have easy access. Make sure you check out these trails while you visit the city.

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