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Washington DC is a great place to head outdoors on your bike. The city might be a little caught up in traffic but there are great locations to ride and enjoy the fun of cycling. The best time to venture out is in the spring or summer, when there is good sunshine. Hence, the next time you step out in Washington DC, make sure you grab a cycle and explore the unexplored parts of this great city. Below are some of the best places you can visit on your bike along with your private tour guide Washington DC.

Mount Vernon Trail

The Mount Vernon Trail is 18 miles of paved road, which begins from Theodore Roosevelt Island to the estate of the First President of the US. There are several other paths, which will take you around the trail. Many trails converge in this road and you can explore each one of them to find beautiful places along the way.

Metropolitan Branch Trail

The Metropolitan Branch Trail is a parallel option to the metro. As you proceed along this trail, you will come across several trails such as MD, Silver Springs, until you reach the Union Station.

C&O Canal Towpath

The C&O Canal is a staggering 184 miles long. Once you are out of Georgetown, you will find a relatively deserted trail. It is definitely a scenic trail although some of its beauty has been lost down the years.

Hains Point

Hains Point is a region where there are literally no cars and you have the road to yourself. There is a three-mile loop around East Potomac Park, which is a great place to check your physical stamina while you enjoy the amazing views. One of the best things about this place is that there is a peaceful ambiance away from all the crowd.

Capital Crescent Trail

If you want to explore the Northwest parts of DC, the Capital Crescent Trail is a great way to do it. The trail will take you from Georgetown to Bethesda before it ends up in the Silver Springs. Savor the gorgeous mansions of the Northwest before you reach Bethesda.

Rock Creek Park

This is a picturesque trail available in Washington DC, which will take you along little brooks, arching bridges, and cool wooden glades. It starts from the Kennedy center and takes you to Rock Creek Park. Note that there are a few hills along the way, so be prepared for a physically engaging ride. On the weekends, you may have to watch out for the runners.

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