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The best thing about Washington DC is that it has to offer something for every season. Whether you visit in summer, spring, fall or winter, you will never get disappointed, as this wonderful city will be full of activities during all seasons. But there are some special occasions in DC that will give more delightful experience during your tours of Washington DC.

Different seasons offer different experiences. Choosing a season to visit DC will depend upon your personal preferences. If you want to experience the glory of this place along with the magnificent cherry blossoms, plan your visit during the spring season. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy this stunning city when it is dusted with snowflakes and adorned with Christmas lights, then winter is the best time. Hence, deciding the best time to Washington DC solely depends on your likes and priorities.

The city will be mostly occupied by business people from mid-September to Thanksgiving and from the middle of January till June. But during the period between April to June, families and school groups will flock to this place to see the cherry blossoms and to enjoy the beauty of the spring. The accommodation charges and airfares will be really high in these months.

If you want to avoid the crowd and visit peacefully, it is better to choose the end of August or the beginning of September when DC will receive relatively fewer visitors when compared to other seasons. The accommodation will be cheap and hotels will offer special packages during this period.

If you are planning to visit in July or August, then be aware that this will be the hottest and humid days in DC. However, if you don’t mind the hot weather, this is a great time for visiting this city as there will be a large number of outdoor activities including festivals, concerts, parades etc. during this period. The Independence Day celebrated on July 4th is a spectacular occasion for you to visit as there will be celebrations across the entire city.

Weather to Expect in Different Seasons

The weather varies based on different seasons. It ranges from hot and sunny summer days to freezing winter days. Hence, if you are planning to go on a trip to DC, it is important for you to know about the climatic conditions to plan your tours of Washington DC accordingly.


If you want to enjoy Washington in vibrant colors this is the perfect time. The weather will be warm during this season. You might think that its too warm if you are visiting in early fall. But it will cool off eventually and the nights can get even crisp. By the end of October Washington will become beautiful when it trades its greenery for the spectacular colors of fall foliage.


Winters in DC can get unpredictable. It is said that this city has mild winter, however, this might not be true some times. Some winter days can be sunny with high temperature, whereas, some other days can be bitter cold and it might be followed by ice storm where the city will be freezing. Winters can be a mix of everything from warm days to big snowstorms, fierce winds, heavy rain, etc. Hence, if you visit DC in winter pack your luggage keeping all these possibilities in mind.


The weather in the early spring can get colder than you think. Between the periods of late March to beginning of April, it may be difficult to predict the weather. It can be often windy or rainy. But when May arrives, the weather will become pleasant, lifting the mood of people along with it. It will get even more lovely during the late spring, when the trees and gardens will be full of colorful flowers.

Spring is also time for the famous cherry blossoms. This season attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world as both the scenery and the weather will be wonderful in DC these days. The outdoors of this place will be crowded with locals and also visitors from other countries, as they wander around the city to take in the magnificent beauty of DC. You can see people taking a stroll along the streets, relaxing on the parks or simply wandering around the city to enjoy the wonderful scenery and climate offered by spring.


Summer in Washington can become steaming hot. Those who are visiting DC in summer should not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Also, do not forget to make frequent stops for drinks as you can get dehydrated easily when you explore DC under the hot sun. Be prepared to face the hot weather if you plan your tours of Washington DC during the summer days.

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