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Arlington is connected to the district by five bridges. It is home to lively neighborhoods and national treasures such as the Iwo Jima Memorial, the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, and a namesake cemetery. It is a go-to place for those who are looking to take advantage of happy hours, enjoy dates and more. When you are done with tours of Washington DC, head to the Virginia side for these attractions.

A Postcard-Worthy Photo at Theodore Roosevelt Island

There is both a dense island and a memorial, devoted to the 26th American President Theodore Roosevelt, in Arlington. The island is home to mile-long trails, which runs through wooded uplands as well as swampy bottomlands, designed to honor the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt as a great conservationist and outdoorsman. The namesake memorial plaza has a statute of the former president, with his arms raised. You can trek through the brush to the plaza, where the 17-foot statue in the likeness of Roosevelt awaits you.

Plane Spotting at Gravelly Point

There is no better place in the nation for watching planes fly than Gravelly Point Park. Situated just outside of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, the park lies nearby the Potomac River. People come here to watch planes from up close. Watching it fly above your head, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, is an experience in and of itself. In addition, take a picnic lunch along with a bicycle and Frisbee to have a good time on the grass banks here.

Explore the Gardens of Potomac Overlook Regional Park

The park is home to educational gardens, woodland, trails, a picnic spot, as well as a nature center. Hike mile-long trails in the park while following its interpretive displays if you want to learn about the flora and fauna of Northern Virginia. Spend some time at the heart of the forest to experience nature at its best.

Hike the Paved “Mount Vernon Trail”

Make sure you explore the miles-long trail along the aforementioned river by means of walking, bicycling, or running. The trail is big, wide open, and offers fantastic views of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Capitol building extending from Francis Scott Key Bridge to the “Mount Vernon” estate. Originally, the estate was owned by the 1st US President, George Washington, and his family.

Popular with bikers, commuters and runners, the path is almost entirely flat and offers them picnic spots en route. To explore it, you have three options: jog for miles on its shady and winding paths, take a stroll, or ride on a bicycle from a bike-sharing system or company.

Birding inside Washington Monument’s View

People also visit Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary, which is a bird watching area, to escape from the hustle and bustle. Here you can observe green heron, osprey, red-winged blackbird as well as mallard in the summer or waterfowl in the winter seasons. Birdwatchers also flock to the above-mentioned island with a checklist to discover several of the around 200 bird species, which have been documented inside its 88.5 acres.

Boating and Fun Events at Columbia Island Marina   

Columbia Island is home to the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial, Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove, and the namesake marina. Yachts are docked in the marina, and it serves as a harbor for paddleboards and kayaks. Besides, the scenic marina hosts events, including that of live music, in the summer.

Panoramic Views from the CEB Tower’s Observation Deck

The CEB Tower has an observation deck. At 31-levels-height, it is the only place from where you get bird’s eye views of the Washington DC skyline and Virginia. A visit to this edifice also comprises an interactive trip through the personalities and events, which shaped the country, and through a café which celebrates the DC area’s multicultural and vibrant food scene. You might have experienced it when on a Washington DC tour as well.

Pay Homage to the American Heroes

The name “Memorial Avenue Corridor” is applied to the miles-long axial composition, which comprises Arlington Memorial Bridge, Memorial Avenue Bridge, Memorial Circle, as well as the entrance point to the national cemetery in Arlington. Originally conceived as an “Avenue of American Heroes”, it is lined with monuments to Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the Seabees, “Sacrifice” and “Valor”. The last two are sculptures, collectively known as “The Arts of War”.

Over 400,000 service women and men are buried in the cemetery, comprising presidents William H. Taft and John K. Kennedy, civil rights icons Thurgood Marshall and Medgar Evers, and the person who planned Washington DC’s layout, Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

Find Tranquility at Lady Bird Johnson Park

Hundreds of tulips and thousands of yellow daffodils at this park herald the spring season’s arrival. It is truly a field of beautiful flowers. It stretches out, as the saying goes, “as far as the eye can see”. Still, make it a point to stop here for stunning photographs, great picnics and hours of quiet contemplation.

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