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When you plan a trip to the capital city of the United States, the main things that you will think about will be the government buildings, neo-classical monuments, museums, and a lot of history. In most cases, your private tour guide Washington DC will suggest options like a free tour of the Smithsonian museums, tour of the national monuments in the city, a visit to the Union Market, Capitol Building, National Mall, etc. However, all these things are so predictable these days and people prefer something unique and exceptional in their trip.

The best way to achieve this objective is by doing unconventional things in Washington DC. Such an extraordinary trip will show you things that most travelers usually miss out when in DC. This way, you can add a local flavor and unparalleled flare to your trip and make it an ever memorable one. Below is the list of some exceptionally beautiful things that you can do in the US capital city. Note that all of these places are easily accessible by means of the public transportation modes such as metro, taxi, bus, etc.

Savor the Authentic Food of Washington DC

One of the main things that most tourists look forward to when in Washington DC will be to relish the authentic taste of the city. In fact, DC is considered as one of the best food cities on Earth. In fact, new restaurants and food joints pop up in the city almost every day and you may choose the options depending on your budget. So, talk to your private tour guide Washington DC and opt for the best food tours available near the places you are exploring.

Explore the Vintage Record Shops

Washington DC is actually a music hub since it boasts a number of vintage and trendy record shops. Most of these stores are the favorite spots of vinyl geeks out there since there will be hardly any record you will not find here. Note that it will be really a challenging task to browse through the records in the vintage stores here since it displays around 5000 vinyl collections or more. In addition, it will be a bit dusty in such shops, especially if you are looking for some really old records.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center

If you are a person who loves to appreciate true artists, the Torpedo Factory Art Center in the Old Town Alexandria is the right place for you. This three-storied factory is crammed with studios of more than 80 local artists. Mostly, you can see these local artists working on their latest creation when you visit them. You can also talk to them regarding their area of interest and can purchase any of their completed masterpieces that will be displayed on a table in their studio for sale.

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