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Washington DC, ideally known for its political and historical importance, is one of the best places to spend a beautiful vacation with your family. There are many attractions here that are perfect to enlightening and entertaining your kids equally. Most of these attractions can be explored on a friendly budget, especially if you avail a Go Washington DC Explorer Pass, which gets you a discount of up to 40%. Try and explore all the places given below on your Washington DC tours, to make it more exciting and memorable. You can also choose a private tour guide Washington DC to explore all these areas.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (FDR Memorial)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. This memorial is completely dedicated to Roosevelt and it is composed of mainly four rooms. Each of these rooms represents the four terms that he served as the commander in chief in the United States. One of the highlights is the sculpture of the president, made out of bronze metal. Other than that, statues of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her trusty canine, Fala are also exhibited over here. So, take your kids to the FDR memorial and let them dwell into one of the important pages in the American history.

Free Museums in the National Mall

The National Mall features many malls and memorials that are great for spending time with your family. You can explore most of the museums here free of cost. So, make use of the opportunity and discover many interesting things that are exhibited here, along with your family. There are also a lot of attractions in the National Mall for your kids to look at, ranging from classic arts to the wonders of aviation and the natural world.

Breathtaking Sights to Behold at the Gravelly Point

Located in the Arlington county of Virginia, the gravelly point is the best place to watch the planes take off and land. This point is actually at the end of a runway at the Ronald Reagan International Airport. Gravelly Point is open to the public as well, and the best time to come here is during lunchtime, when you can see the planes taking off overhead; kids will be really excited at this amazing sight.

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