Hidden Gems in Washington DC Most People Don’t Know About

Private Tours Washington DC
Private Tours Washington DC

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Tourists who wish to explore the United States capital to its fullest must tour the best attractions in the city, dine at the luxurious restaurants, and spent weekends navigating through the internationally renowned museums. However, if you are a person who wishes to enjoy Washington DC just like a native, then you will need to explore some of the hidden gems in the city that most tourists have not even heard of.

Since there are plenty of exciting things to see and do near the National Mall of Washington DC and because it takes several days for visitors to cover these attractions, they often tend to miss some of the lesser-known places in the city. Yet you must definitely visit all these hidden gems too in order to enjoy a true and unique touring experience. Some of the best hidden gems in Washington DC are the following.

Hillwood Estate

The Hillwood Estate, which is home to the Marjorie Merriweather Post, is located in northwest Washington DC. The fascinating museum within the estate, which is entirely dedicated to 18th and 19th Century Russian and French artworks, is an absolute treat for art lovers. This Parisian estate will give you a clear idea on how the rich and famous persons of the 19th Century lived. The estate is currently owned by President Donald Trump.

Library of Congress Museum

It is true that the Library of Congress in Washington DC is not the largest library in the US, but the stunning museum inside the building does offer a unique experience to visitors and it can be toured in just a couple of hours. The entry to this museum is also free for both the natives and tourists. You will be able to see all the complete works of William Shakespeare and an original King James Bible in the museum.

Fort Washington Park

If you take a stroll through the streets of Mount Vernon, you will be able to see the Fort Washington Park on the river’s Maryland side. Since this incredible structure is located far from the center of the city, most of the Washington DC tours skip the park. However, tourists who do visit Fort Washington Park will be able to learn more about the great achievements of men who ruled the country.

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