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Washington DC is always famous for its political history and neo-classical monuments. This is one of the destinations of choice for almost every traveler, as DC offers many interesting and enlightening stuff.

Try to explore some of these hidden places in the District of Colombia during your next Washington DC tour, and make your trip an adventurous and exciting one. Below are some of the secret and exhilarating places in DC that are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Technicolor Church

Most people would have seen many wall art and paintings, but have you ever seen a church entirely painted with different colors and patterns? You can witness this wonder only at 700 Delaware Avenue SW of DC. This previously white colored church is transformed into a color blast by an American contemporary artist, Alex Brewer. The main purpose of this cool transformation was to convert this SW neighborhood into a true arts district.

Rent a Tricked-Out Cabin inside a Mansion

In the mansion of O Street, there is a full cabin made of log, which is crammed with various cluttered stuff. However, you can rent and stay in this two-level cabin that includes a TV, bed, full kitchen, aquarium, and an enormous bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and sauna facility. Furthermore, you will have to spend $1250 in order to spend a night in this strange yet interesting cabin.

Hidden Forest

How many of you know about the hidden forest in the Palisades? The glass forest of DC enhanced with many decorative mirrors, bicycle parts, twig tangle, and more will look cool as well as creepy. As you walk into the woods here, you can see a beautiful shiny glass structure, which will be hard to take your eyes off of. This forest was totally damaged recently. Fortunately, it was reconstructed into a new and better one.

Mr. Miyagis’ Happy Place

Away from the national bonsai and Penjing Museum in the national arboretum, you can see a stunning view of beautifully styled tiny trees. There are a total of 63 trees over here, and these are super-old. One of the highlights in the garden is the CSI Bonsai which offers an opportunity to investigate how you killed your tree, and will tell you how to take better care in the future.

Giant Watermelon House

This watermelon house was formed as a result of an interview. Actually, the Q street house asked their tenants to showcase their paint job, and gave red as a goal. However, this house in the Logan circle made the best out of it by painting it like a giant watermelon, and since then it’s been sure to draw the attention of every spectator passing through.

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