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Washington DC is also known as Washington, or simply as DC (District of Colombia). It is also one of the most populous cities in the world and is the capital of the United States of America. The district is famous for its neo-classical monuments, treasured museums, and memorials. There will be hardly any person who does not wish to tour Washington and explore this beautiful city.

There are many mysterious and secret places in Washington DC that are still alien to tourists and even some natives. These places portray Washington DC in an entirely different light and allow tourists to get to know the soul of DC once you reach here. Below are some of those secret but treasured places in Washington that you should not miss while you are on a Washington DC tour.

The Exorcist Stairs

This is an exceptionally steep and long staircase wedged between a brick warehouse and a stone wall in Georgetown. This staircase is also a shortcut between prospect street NW above and canal road NW below. Furthermore, the stairs got its name from an English horror movie “Exorcist” and they became popular after shooting the climax scene of this movie. This place will be an idle spot for movie buffs and people who love some spookiness in their trip.

Washington Mini Monument

This is a 12 feet tall replica of the Washington monument under a manhole near the original monument and most of the passers-by are unaware of this mini monument. This underground structure is officially known as Bench Mark A and is originally a geodetic control point used by the surveyors. According to the National Geodetic Survey modernization manager, Dru Smith the geodetic points provide starting points for any map or measurement.

Furthermore, this mini monument was placed as a part of trans-continental leveling program in 1880’s and the Bench Mark A was above the ground at that time. Besides, you can see this monument underneath the manhole to the south of the Washington monument. However, you must get permission from the Park Ranger before trying to see it.


Summerhouse is a hidden gem designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. This house is located on the west front lawn of the US Capitol building and was constructed as part of improvising the capitol building grounds. The construction was completed in1881 and since then, the house serves the public by providing rest, water, and enjoyment.

Furthermore, the red colored hexagonal shaped brick structure of the summerhouse and the beautiful garden in the front is a sight you don’t want to miss. On top of that, the curved bricks that are laid in many geometric and artistic patterns add more beauty and elegance to the house.

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