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Washington DC is one of the best places to chill on a weekend day. There are many amazing monuments, stunning cityscapes, enlightening monuments, and numerous other attractions in the capital city of the United States, which are sure to surprise everyone. There many incredible nightclubs, restaurants, shopping spots, etc., here as well, that are sure to offer a memorable experience to each and every visitor. Unfortunately, you can never cover all of these major spots in the city within a day. Still, you can make most out of it on your Washington DC tour if you plan well.

Note that most places in DC will be crowded, especially during the weekends. Hence, it is better to do all the reservation beforehand in order to avoid the tiring queues. Additionally, do check the timings and schedule of the events that you are planning to watch on your Washington DC tour in order to prepare a planned itinerary. Below is one of the best ways to spend a day in Washington DC.

From Morning to Noon

The sight of Capitol Hill glistening in early sunlight is really a spectacular sight to behold. So, begin your day in Washington DC with Capitol Hill. Here, you can see many things such as the Rotunda, the Hall of Columns, the Old Supreme Court Chambers, and many more. Furthermore, the architectural beauty of Capitol Hill is extraordinary that made it popular amongst architectural junkies.

Note that you can explore this wonderful attraction for free if you have tour passes. Furthermore, you can explore Capitol Hill in between 08:30 am and 04:40 pm from every Monday to Saturday. After this, pay a visit to the Library of Congress, National Mall, and other museums in Washington DC in order to discover the past, present, and future of the city. You can also have your lunch from any of the restaurants inside the museums.

In the Evening

The best place to stroll through and enjoy the evening light in Washington is Georgetown, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods here. There are many high-end boutiques, cozy bars, upscale restaurants, etc., along the cobblestoned pathway of the neighborhood. This is an ideal destination for shopping and for relishing your evening snacks. However, you cannot travel to this area by means of a metro rail; instead, you can take a bus or cab from Union Station or Dupont Circle.

At the Night

After enjoying a vibrant evening, you can go for a romantic stroll to the Washington Harbor in order to enjoy an amazing view of Potomac River. There are many comfy and vibrant dining spots along the Potomac River that are sure to offer you a remarkable eating experience. Moreover, if you love nocturnal life, head on to any of the top-notch pubs here and break a leg.

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