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From famous monuments to recreational spaces, Washington DC has many beautiful attractions to offer. During your tours of Washington DC, you can consider visiting one of the famous attractions, the Olympic National Park, that is located on the Olympic Peninsula surrounding 1441 sq. miles of the Peninsula.

You can explore three regions in this park, each of which has a different ecosystem: the rugged Pacific coastline, the lush temperate forest, and finally, the wildflower meadow and subalpine forest. The UN has recognized the Olympic National Park as a World Heritage site as well as an international biosphere reserve. You could see a nearly circular Olympic mountain range when you get inside the National park. The park is easily accessible by many spur roads that leads to it from US101.

The features of this Olympic Peninsula were shaped by ice and water. The rocks you can see here were formed under the ocean. Around thirty million years ago, a collision occurred between the tectonic plate that supported the North American continent and the plate that carried the Pacific Ocean floor. As a result, the Olympic Mountains were formed. Due to the Ice Age isolation, 8 plants and 15 animal species evolved here, that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. These include the Olympic Mazama pocket gopher, Beardslee, Olympic marmot, Olympic mud minnow, crescent trout, and the Olympic mountain milkvetch.

Now, the park has a network of trails for hiking, and you can enjoy here by walking through the rainforest with lush green plants and trees. One more amazing feature of this park is that you can backpack in the beachside, and spend the whole day strolling along the beautiful beach. In the wintertime, a lot of winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding are held here. What’s more, you can go for rafting in the Hoh or Elwa rivers here, or go to the Lake Crescent, Lake Quinault, or the Ozette Lake for a boating experience.

The Hurricane Ridge is a viewpoint from where you can have a picturesque view of the whole Olympic National Park, admiring the looks of glaciers and the peaks. There are many trailheads and picnic areas on the west side of this ridge, where visitors can relax and have a timeout with their friends and family. However, the picnic spots are open only during the summer time.

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