Nine Reasons to Visit Washington DC over Baltimore

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Washington Tourist Attractions

Baltimore and Washington DC are two nearby cities on the east coast, separated by just a 38-mile-long highway. If you are swinging through the Middle Atlantic states, then you may have an urge to stop over a main city on your way down or up the coast. Below are some reasons why you must choose a Washington DC tour over a Baltimore program.

Washington DC is the US Capital

While many cities including New York, Boston, and Providence are all on the east coast, only one city is the capital of the United States of America. Considering the selection, would you wish to tell your loved ones that you have stopped over just another city or the nation’s capital itself? Because the fun of traveling, to a large extent, is simply bragging about it, you would want to go the extra mile and hit the District.

It Has Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Basketball

Admittedly, Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore is better than Nationals Park in DC. After that, the former city’s sports scene does not compare with that of the latter. What sets DC apart, however, is having the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals playing, basically every single night for one half of the year at their home arena. At the Capital One Arena, you can watch a professional basketball or hockey game, something which you cannot find in Baltimore city.

Memorials and Monuments Aplenty

The main attraction of the District is the National Mall, and for good reason. Nothing else compares with walking down the area and visiting some memorials in the afternoon, or when the weather is nice, on tours of Washington DC. If your interests lie in photography, sightseeing, architecture or history, the Mall is right up your alley.

H Street Country Club

This restaurant on H Street is home to games like shuffleboard and skee ball, a rooftop bar, and a mini-golf course with an extra bar. Each of the nine holes in its golf course has a DC-related theme, adding to its own local flavor. Where is Baltimore’s indoor and alcohol-serving setting with a mini-golf course?

DC’s Animal Enclosures are Free to Visit

One of the big draws for Baltimore visitors is the National Aquarium. The aquarium is huge and beautiful, but adults and children aged above 3 years will have to spend a lot to get an admission ticket. However, DC is home to Smithsonian’s National Zoo, which you can visit without spending a single penny. Better yet, it is where some of DC’s most adorable Giant Pandas inhabit.

The White House

Regardless of your political affiliation, another cool experience would be a tour to the home of the American president. You can reserve a self-guided tour of the White House three months beforehand through your Congress member. To get tickets, you will not have to spend a buck.

Cherry Blossoms

The Cherry Blossom Festival, which comes around once every year, is attended by more than 1 million people. The four-week-long festival in DC celebrates the Cherry Blossom trees, the plantings of which were a token of friendship to Americans from Japanese. As per the National Park Service, these trees look their best early in April expectedly. While Cherry Blossoms are to be found around the Baltimore area, the pleasure of watching the pink foliage against the backdrop of some of DC’s most iconic landmarks is something else. For one, the reflection of the fluffy pink blooms on the Potomac River is a sight to behold.

The Culinary Scene

Washington DC is fast becoming a go-to metropolis for food lovers all over the nation. The capital city is home to many Michelin-rated restaurants, in addition to a slew of other open-air options, so you could essentially have the finest meal ever for fourteen days on the trot. There are also many DC breweries, where you can learn about their particular drink making process besides enjoying tastings. Besides, the last call happens an hour later in bars of Washington DC as opposed that of Baltimore.

More Airports Means More Options

There are two airports in the District, which makes it easily accessible. The only airport in Baltimore is a little over 10 miles outside of the main city area. That gives you little to no benefit if you are flying in and do not have a car. Take a flight to the District, and you can get right to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Get out of your plane, and a couple of Metro stops later, you are in downtown. If you have enough time to spare, then head to the Gravelly Point nearby the airport; from there, you can spot planes taking off to their destinations. That itself is worth a ticket to the nation’s capital.

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