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There are several places in Washington DC that might feature on everyone’s bucket list. Even if you wish to visit the seldom visited and calm places, there are enough places to explore and activities to get you stoked. Below are some of the best offbeat destinations that you can visit on your Washington DC tour.

Admire the View from the Library of Congress

You might be familiar with the world’s largest library and the exotic collection of books assembled here. Apart from the first map to name America and the Gutenberg’s Bible, there is a less known attraction right inside the building. Get to the Madison Memorial Building’s 6th-floor cafeteria. You will find a series of windows trimmed from floor-to-ceiling. From here, you will get a magnificent view of the sprawling Washington city in front of you.

Visit Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

Lincoln’s cottage is a brief hike away in the north of the city. History buffs can visit this summer home of the 16th President and explore the space for a unique experience. This is where Abe Lincoln came to prepare notes for the serious national matters during the hot summers.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine

Strange exhibits are the highlights of the National Museum of Health and Medicine. The most macabre ones include the stomach shaped hairball that was supposedly swallowed by a young girl. In addition, you can also find the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln, along with bits from his skull. This is truly one of the weirdest museums you will ever visit.

Learn your State Tree at the National Arboretum

Built to nurture the environmental and aesthetic awareness among the public, the 446-acre property is a great visual treat overall. There are numerous exhibits, gardens, as well as long-term botanical research facilities and conservation of resources here. Visit the place and get your mind refreshed in the well-preserved natural habitat. Do not forget to visit the main attraction, the Giant Sequoia of California. It is just a 10-minute ride from the US Capitol Building.

Delve into the Crypt at Washington National Cathedral

The Washington National Cathedral is not the average house of worship. There are several sites in the hidden crypt enough to captivate your senses. Walk down the steps to the crypt in the backside of the church. As you descend, you first reach a tomb. The low point represents Jesus’ life. The only mural in the entire building represents the donation of the tomb to Jesus by Joseph.

Besides, there are burial sites of many personalities, including Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Furthermore, there is a gargoyle shaped like Darth Vader outside the church, and a moon rock set in a stained glass window too.

Peruse Art at the Phillips Collection

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If you are a lover of history and old artifacts, then the Philips Museum is the place to head to when on a Washington DC tour. This place offers several pieces from the modern era that will catch your attention. In fact, this is the oldest “modern” museum in the world.

The artworks are set in a restored Dupont Circle mansion as well as the nearby building. There are intimate galleries and artworks up close, which will keep you engaged for an entire day.

Live the Mansion Lifestyle at Anderson House

The Anderson House is the headquarters of the Society of the Cincinnati, which is an old generation patronic group. This mansion is different from others in that they allow you inside and let you enjoy the beautiful interiors. The attractions here include sparkling chandeliers, gilded ballrooms, and tapestries.

This used to be Washington’s most fashionable mansions, and has also seen the visits of presidents Calvin Coolidge and William H. Taft. You can see several exhibits from the Revolutionary War and the Society of the Cincinnati here.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

This is a 91-acre island, which pays homage to the nation’s 26th President. It shows the respect of the country towards his efforts towards national parks, forests, bird refuges, wildlife, and monuments. The floating island in the Potomac River has a variety of flora and fauna. There is a 17-foot bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt in the middle of the island as well.

The best thing about the island is that it is free of cars and bikes. Thus, you can have some quality time away from the bustle of the city here.

Find the Fridge

This is a friendly gallery dedicated to street art, located in the Capitol Hill region. One of the most interesting parts of visiting the place is finding it. You do not have to be disappointed if the Fridge is not opened. You can go and see the various attractive graffiti in the passageways; get to the alleys E and G on 8th St SE.

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