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The US Capitol may be the most important administrative building of The United States of America. However, there are also several places of local attraction ideal for the typical traveler nearby the Capitol Building. You can truly admire these delights during your tours of Washington DC, especially if you go to the city during the holidays. Below are some of the attractions to visit and a few activities to do in the Capitol Hill region.

Visit the Congress at the US Capitol

You can get a glimpse of the proceedings in the Congress by visiting one of the sessions at the US Capitol. You can even catch a live session by getting an advance pass from your Senator or House Representative.

Visit the Park at the Bartholdi Fountain

This is a beautiful park located inside the US Capitol Hill. A fountain is located within, along with the sculptures of women who took part in the Philadelphia Exposition of 1876. It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the same architect who designed the Statue of Liberty.

Visit the Barracks Row

The Barracks Row is the city’s oldest commercial district and the perfect destination for the food lovers. You can find shops ranging from large establishments to snack joints here. Ambar is a popular restaurant that serves Balkan delicacies, while District Doughnuts offers delicious handcrafted donuts every day of the week.

Watch a Play at the Folger Shakespeare Library

A very cozy place with wooden balconies and well-crafted oak columns, this library stages several of the best collection of Bard’s works. There are regular events featuring concerts and classical plays in the library and it is an ideal place for literature enthusiasts.

Take a Walk around the Supreme Court of the United States

All those on Washington DC tour must take a self-tour of the Supreme Court. Built in the 1930’s in a neoclassical style, it not only makes it an attractive structure but also adds to the bold character of the US Supreme Court. It is also possible to witness a live hearing session here.

Immerse in the Green World of the US Botanic Garden

The US Botanic Garden is a plant museum housed inside a huge glass structure. It highlights the importance of environmental protection and inspires visitors to lead eco-friendly lives. There are regular events held in the garden too, such as cooking seminars, gardening workshops, and concerts. So this is certainly a gem of a place to visit on your tours of Washington DC.

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