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When visiting Washington DC or any other city, it normally works out best if you know you have the time it takes to take in all the major sights. Sometimes though, it does not work out that way, which is when you need to stick to the basic few when you set out on a Washington DC tour. Following are some of the places in DC that you really must visit if, say, you have only a day to cover ground.

The National Mall

First off, you need to prioritize. If you are left with only enough time to visit a single place in the nation’s capital, then it is best to make that the National Mall. The Mall stretches two miles from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building, and serves as the heart of downtown, as well as the site of the nation’s most well-known memorials and monuments. Walk the pedestrian-friendly space and stop to admire each of these, along with the federal buildings lining Constitution Avenue. The best part is that it’s all free.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is situated to the National Mall’s west end. It is a white building constructed of stone that has 36 columns, and features a 19-foot-tall statue of the old president sitting in a chair looking out in contemplation. To the sides you have inscriptions of his Second Inaugural Address, and the Gettysburg Address. Standing on the steps, you also get to catch amazing views of the Washington Monument over the pool.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This is situated close to The Lincoln Memorial, and comprises of two identical walls with inscriptions of the names of the fallen as well as the missing in the Vietnam War. Each wall is 246 feet high and 9 inches long, and carries over 58,000 names.

World War II Memorial

This sits at the Reflecting Pool’s east end, and honors the men and women numbering over 16 million that served in the American military during the time of World War II, who gave their lives for their country. There are 56 granite columns symbolizing the 48 states’, 7 federal territories’, and DC’s unity. The structure is 43 feet tall, and highlights America’s victories in the Pacific and Atlantic fronts in WWII.

These are some of the places you should put at the top of your visit itinerary if you are short on time in Washington DC. Book the services of a tour guide if you want to keep each visit short, but still productive.

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