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While taking a Washington DC tour, most people are confused about exploring the activities of the local people of the place. There are a lot of places and activities travelers can explore, just like the local people who live there. Listed below are a few among them.

Go on a Happy Tour

“DC Happy Tour” is an unspoken cultural institution used by the local people of DC. “Do you want to go for a happy tour?” is the most common query between the people of the city. After the daily work of people gets over, people find relaxation in heading to the nearby restaurants and bars to meet with their friends over drinks. Going on a happy tour would help the tourists get the real feel of the local life in DC.

Most of the dives and upscale eats in DC often offer drinks, meals, and snacks for discounts for people who take happy tours. The discounts for meals would be active for some hours every day. Most happy hours start on weekday afternoons and last till 7 pm – the price of snacks, drinks, and meals would go back to normal after this time.

Even though happy hours are banned in many cities, it can be found almost everywhere in Washington DC. Visiting places that offer happy hours – cocktail joints, dive bars, beer gardens – is a great way to see the places get crowded by half of DC’s population.

Most local people choose places like Commissary, Boqueria, and Vinoteca to meet their friends and spend some time. However, there will not be any shortage to find happy hours in DC as they are widely scattered around the city. People who are on a Washington DC Tour for the first time can easily walk into any place and inquire about the same.

Spend the Morning Hours in Museums 

It is wrong if you have heard that visiting museums are choices that are not often recommended to tourists who come to DC from different parts of the world. Washington DC is home to some of the most popular museums in the world. However, since these attractions can be way too crowded during the daytime, the best option would be to select two or three museums and visit them during the time they open in the morning – mostly at 10 am. Weekdays are generally less crowded when compared to public holidays and weekends.

Travelers can find a lot of local people at all these attractions, interacting with them can provide you with more information. Several dozens of museums can be found in Washington DC all of which can be visited depending on the timing and interest of the travelers.

Pay a visit to the Famous Library of Congress

Along with the museums and monuments of DC, the Library of Congress is another touristy space that is often suggested to travelers by the local people since it is regarded as a more spectacular attraction than all the other. However, a lot of people are unaware of its existence and whether if it is open to the public.

Travelers, with the help of tour guides, mostly go on guided tours of the Thomas Jefferson Building and explore a few of the rotating exhibits like Baseball Americana. People can also register for a membership card in the library.

The Library of Congress is very popular for its collection of instruments in the Whittall Pavilion that can be viewed by the visitors on certain public events and pre-set dates. The public events mostly include musical shows and historical discussions.

One of the most important aspects of this attraction is the reading rooms which helps the visitors sit and enjoy reading a book of their choice. Free-entry to the museum is an added benefit which makes travelers save some amount for other activities.

Enjoy Some Time by the Side of Rivers 

During the past years, DC has improved the river walk game. Historic Georgetown housed the king of walking areas near the river in DC for many years. Travelers can find numerous dessert shops and restaurants at this place along with sailboats that are parked in the sunset.

The place is very famous among the local people as well as the tourists as it is a colorful area that helps everyone get a glance at the famous Potomac River. The very famous Georgetown University is located at this place and it gives out a vibe of university town along with the vibe of being one of the oldest standing neighborhoods of Washington DC. The oldest house in Washington DC is also located at this place.

Travelers can easily reach Georgetown by using public transportation options such as the circular bus which drops them at the center of this neighborhood. The place has popular shops Georgetown Cupcake and Baked & Wired from where tourists can grab and enjoy cupcakes and lattes after they arrive. Strolling by the waterfront on a sunny day is a must-have experience recommended for every traveler. Tourists can also find many interesting activities such as street festivals and tango dancing at this place.

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