Reason Behind The Popularity Of Washington DC

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Washington DC Tour

A lot of studies are pointing out that tours of Washington DC has attracted twenty-two million domestic tours during the year 2017 alone. This is quite impressive when it is considered that this is the place’s ninth year in a row when its tourism figures have grown than the previous year. An approximate of $7.8 billion was spent by visitors in DC. It is a known fact that the land is very popular among travelers.

All of us might be knowing a few reasons on how the place has become so popular all over the world. Here are some more reasons for you to know about the land.

History And Prestige Of The Capital City Of The United States 

The important thing to recognize is the interest and prestige Washington DC receives by being the capital city of America, which is one of the biggest countries in the world. It attracts many tourists every year. Both foreign and domestic visitors visit the place to see what the capital city looks like.

The city has a lot of monuments, buildings, and history for tourists to explore. People who are interested to explore more important monuments and buildings such as National Archives, the Washington Monument, FBI Building, the White House, etc. often take guided Washington DC tours.

The National Mall And The White House 

White House is the home of the President of the country and was the place where some of the most important men of the country lived. Most travelers love taking a lot of pictures at this place, but public tours to this place are no longer allowed here. However, citizens of the United States could request tours after contacting their local senators.

Even though tourists cannot walk around inside the place, it is an incredible sight and there are a lot of monuments that surround it like the National Mall, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, National World War II Memorial, and so on.

Arlington National Cemetery

This attraction often stands as a testament to the appreciation and admiration the country has for the men and women in the past, who have fought and died for their place. This is an expansive cemetery that takes away the breath of the travelers with its sheer beauty and scale. It is a fact that it gets bitter to see that many lives have cut short, but it is powerful to see how it marvel at the respect shown to their people through the immaculate presentation of the cemetery.

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