What to Do and See When you Visit Congress Heights

Private Tours Washington DC

Private Tours Washington DC

Attend live sports, have signature DC flavors and engage with a local creative activity. Your to-do options are plenty when in the Congress Heights neighborhood as part of your private tours Washington DC program.

There is a lot to explore to the east side of DC’s Anacostia River. A popular neighborhood here is Anacostia, which has a lot to see including the large Chair sculpture, the house of Frederick Douglass, and a Smithsonian Institution museum. Congress Heights is just outside of Anacostia, and it is rooted in Afro-Americans history, culture and art. The neighborhood attracts locals and other visitors at the Entertainment and Sports Arena. This spacious venue hosts various events and is versatile. Learn more about the things you can spot at this venue as well as about the Congress Heights arts scene.

Visit the Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center for Something Creative

The artistic heart of the neighborhood operates from this place. The center’s mission is “to explore arts and culture of people of the African Diaspora, specifically, communities of African Americans residing East of the Anacostia River.”

It empowers DC artists with exhibition space and business people with temporary space for real estate. It has shown a wide variety of works of work, including those from painter Lois Mailou Jones and modern artist Nahosenay Negussie. Jones was inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, and Negussie is best known for dreamy and mythical paintings. On all days, you may discover yoga classes, live performances and colorful art here. Before you visit this space, be sure to look at a list of ongoing and upcoming events.

Enjoy Concerts, E-Sports, Fights and Hoops All at a Single Venue

The above-mentioned arena has various experiences that you can enjoy only in Washington DC. The venue can seat up to 4,200 people. The basketball team “Washington Wizards” come here for practice. Fans cannot enter to know what is going on behind closed doors, but they can encourage the NBA G League team, Capital City Go-Go. They are affiliated with the Wizards and play home matches at this event space. When the basketball league season completes, fans will turn their focus to the team, “Washington Mystics”. They were one of the teams that played in the WNBA finals last year.

The most appealing part of a visit to this arena for basketball is that you can get tickets to the matches of both teams for a cheap price. Besides hoops, this arena has seen many a performance from artists such as R&B great Mary Jane Blige and local hero Wale. It has hosted DC Fight Night events and e-sports programs too. To make the most of your trip to the DC arena, check the future events here.

Be In Awe of the Creative Activity at THEARC

This collaborative and creative hub called THEARC immerses the locals in various kinds of performing arts. The Southeast Campus of Washington Ballet works out of this space and frequently conducts ticketed shows at the THEARC Theater. Here, you will also find local talents displaying various things, including big brass items, dance routines, festivals and jazz music inspired by Edward Kennedy Ellington. Besides performances, you can visit the Community Gallery at THEARC to see visual works of arts by those who participate in their ArtReach program, by community organizations and schools and local artists. Check out the events calendar of THEARC Theater to find out what is on schedule to occur.

Visit MLK Deli for Things like Mumbo Sauce

Washington DC’s spicy and sweet mumbo sauce will go well with pizza, wings and pretty much any food item. At DC’s MLK Deli, the sauce garnishes fried chicken sandwiches, served on a fancy bun called ‘brioche’. The ‘delicatessen’ shop serves up all sorts of classic food items, including hearty reubens and heavy carb cake, in addition to delectable homespun lemonades.

Play Tennis Freely

The Southeast Tennis and Learning Center is a recreational space that attracts those who are interested in indoor tennis. It was made to inspire Washingtonians to discover all things tennis. This space always looks to foster new talents, but guests can rent tennis courts for an hour by paying a price provided that they bring balls and rackets. It is open each weekday from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm, and every single Saturday from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Enjoy a View of This Neighborhood From Above

Gateway DC is a covered pavilion and park, which tends to serve as the location for neighborhood events and festivals, particularly in the summer. Whether or not it is hosting an event, Gateway DC stands out for its design, which has a rooftop that overlooks the remaining parts of the area. You can access the rooftop by walking up to it. We also recommend that you get a bird’s-eye view of this DC place from that walk-up pavilion.

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