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Washington DC is mainly associated with the political and historical elements. Hence, most people traveling to the capital city of the United States often opt for Washington Monument tours, museum tours, city tours, etc. Yet there are many other attractions in Washington City apart from that, which you may venture on your private tours Washington DC.

The picturesque lakes, lush woods, American restaurants, and many more add to the list. No wonder, Washington DC is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in North America. However, there is a darker and scarier side of the city that is lurking behind this incredible beauty. These haunted places in Washington DC are sure to give you spine-chilling nightmares.

If you want to add some excitement and adventure to your private tours Washington DC, it will be a good option to visit some of these haunted spots where some restless spirits still wander. In fact, there are many Washington night tour options, such as Washington ghost tours, that will give a tour to many of these devilish spots. Some of those spooky destinations in Washington DC that you may consider are given below.

The Campbell House

Located at Spokane, the Campbell house is one of the most popular historical icons in Washington City. It was constructed in 1898 under the supervision of veteran architect Kirtland K Cutter. This mansion was formerly owned by Amasa Basaliel Campbell. However, this is now one of the spookiest destinations in the United States. Actually, there is an unfortunate incident associated with the Campbell house.

At the beginning of 1900’s, a burglar broke into the house, killed three of the Campbell children, and kidnapped their fourth child, and he never returned. When you visit the house, you can feel the presence of little boys in the house. Many visitors claim the presence of a little boy who followed them during the entire house tour. Additionally, there is a large portrait of Mrs. Campbell with popping eyes in the living room and it is said that she tends to follow each and every visitor to check if the burglar ever returns.

Black Diamond Cemetery

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There is no question for a cemetery to be regarded as one of the creepiest destinations here. However, black diamond cemetery is said to be haunted by the presence of many restless souls, and many people have even encountered some ghostly figures here. This place is sure to give you an adrenaline rush, as you are more likely to experience one of the scariest nights of your life. If lucky, you can hear some whistling noises and disturbing screams.

The White House

Most people will be unaware of the fact that the famous White House is regarded as one of the spookiest places in Washington City. People have reported many mysterious things in the White House. Some staff members claimed the presence of the soul of Abraham Lincoln in his bedroom as well as in some parts of the White House. Similarly, the soul of President Andrew Jackson is seen in the Rose Bedroom and some people have heard the voices of William Henry in the attic.

Some say they have also seen the ghosts of Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison in White House. At times, a black cat may appear in the White House too, and the locals believe that it as a sign of an upcoming natural disaster.

Old City Hall

The Old City Hall in Washington DC has been a hub of many creepy encounters from the middle of the 17th Century. According to many reports, there have been a number of instances when people sought help from the police in order to address many disturbances.

Some of those strange things include lights going on and off frequently, the sound of fire alarms and burglar alarms without any triggers, disturbing noises, and all. Earlier, people believed that some anti-socials are doing all those things. However, the police could not find any break-ins, human activities, or any logical explanations for these things.

University Heights

University Heights is currently a community center, but it was a school in the old days. The main reason for this conversion is the presence of the ghost of an old boy, which is haunting the building for a long time. This little boy was believed to be one of the students of the school. When you come here, you may feel his presence or some invisible movements.

Many visitors have claimed that they saw a little boy playing in the halls and attic even though the staff members have denied this. However, paranormal investigators confirmed the electronic voice phenomenon in the building. The spookiest thing is that they said there are not one, but many souls in the building, since they heard the voices of many children playing together in the attic and living room of University Heights.

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